Chapter 1

Develop authoritive evidence

Homework Assignment

Yearn to breathe free. This skill will become necessary when the swamp rises while there is a boot on your face.

Learn to confront government with questions.

Practice writing letters.1 You will need this skill later when you ask the IRS for your personal information.

And asking questions that challenge jurisdiction must become a natural reflex to avoid estopple.


Home-schoolers additional homework:

Before you get a State ID or driver license,

Before you register to vote,

Before you apply for a Social Security Number,

Before you register with Selective Service,

Or if you get a jury summons, or any court request for information

Be very suspicious of government forms that might use legalities that you don't understand. And NEVER confess on a permanent irrevocable government document, anything that you do not fully understand.

Read the application form very carefully.

Then ask for specific definitions whenever you see the term "resident" or the term "Citizen of the United States". If you do not get answers, try to find out what law authorizes the application to exist, then ask your Congressman to clarify the law.

Suggested questions (but try to make it sound like yourself, and strike out the things that don't apply to your application form):

In order to know if I am qualified to be an applicant, I have a few questions.

I notice that I am expected to sign the application under penalty of perjury. There are serious consequence for guessing wrong and I don't want to be ignorant of a law. I want to fully understand the legal terms being used on the application.

And to understand my duties in complying with your request for personal information.

a) In section "A", question 1, I am being asked if I am a "citizen of the United States". Please

provide me with the definition that you are using for the term "citizen of the United States".

Please include the source of the definition so that I can confirm it for myself.

b) In section "A", question 2, I am being asked if I am a "resident" of the State. Please

provide me with the statutory definition that you are using for the term "resident".

Please include the source of the definition so that I can confirm it for myself.

c) The end of section "A" instructs the applicant to sign the affidavit under penalty of perjury. Please

provide me with your authority to compel me to affix my signature to any document (such as your form) under penalty of perjury.

You may mail your response to my address at the top of this letter.

Thank you for your assistance. I anxiously await your reply.



1 Here are two examples of my letters from 1988 and 1989. This was long before the internet existed. Many of my sources back then were inaccurate. Do not quote anything you find here until you confrm for yourself that it is correct.

Letter to my congressman:

A year later I had organized my letters into 13 topics:

Keep in mind that I have learned much since then. I would approach things differently now that I know how they get away with their false presuptions.
My website has more informaiton.