Chapter 1

Constitutional topics

I assume that everyone has studied the U.S. Constitution and their State constitution. Every State requires constitutional studies as a requisite for graduating from High School. And certainly, every home-schooler would have studied this.


There are Amendments that specifically state they are to be enforced by Congress (13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26). They are enforced even if they are contrary to State Constitutions. They are enforced by Martial Law. They ARE NOT self-enforcing even though the Supreme Law of the Land requires that judges in every state would be bound thereby (Article 6 second paragraph).

If you don't understand the basics, go back and study them. I have put essays about most of the basics on my website

You cannot see the blinder on your face (or the boot on your head) until you understand the basics.

1 What is a resident? Vattel's The Law of Nations was published in 1758. George Washingon had a copy. And Ben Franklin had three copies. They found it very useful in establishing a government. Chapter 9 had defined what the term 'resident' meant back when the Constitution was written. Residents are aliens who are allowed to stay. Link