Don’t be fooled by any authority of benefactors

Don’t be fooled by any authority of benefactors.

Christ commanded his followers (Christians) to NOT have a top-down government of benefactors. Luke 22:2-26.

Once you take a government benefit, you become subject to your benefactor.[1][2]

The Expatriation Act of 1868 was passed into law the day before the 14th Amendment was ratified. It allowed anyone (such as freed slaves) to take federal benefits, and become “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.[3]

Once you apply for a federal benefit under the 14th Amendment, you “promptly and finally disavowed” any State allegiance — according to the Expatriation Act.

Don’t say that you didn’t know. You were warned in Romans 11:9 (repeating Psalm 69:22) that welfare would be a snare to trap you.


1. Blackstone’s Commentaries: “a state of dependence will inevitably oblige the inferior to take the will of him, on whom he depends, …”

2. Every Law Dictionary will tell you that Libertinum ingratum leges civiles in pristinam servitutem redigunt. “The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freeman to his original servitude”. Maybe you think this law does not apply to you. Maybe you think that you are not a slave. Think again.

3. You voluntarily entered the federal government when you signed a federal form. This made you “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. (Quote from U.S. Supreme Court’s Elk v. Wilkins 112 U.S. 94). The Supreme Court continued. It explained the extent to which you must be subject – “not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to…”.

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