Marriage is a relation for life

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Men defend their families, which is why we created a government. The purpose of government is to protect families. To secure the blessings of liberty to our posterity. Not to destroy the blessings. Traditional unlicensed marriage is a lifetime union, until death they do part. Mankind cannot put marriage asunder. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1888 confirmed that marriage is a relation for life.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that divorce courts can touch you with a piece of paper to cancel your vows to God, bastardize your children, take half of everything you own and give it as a reward for the crime of adultery.


divorce settlement
Property rights in a real marriage.

The law-of-the-land still requires courts to enforce marriage.  Because marriage is a relation for life.
Real marriage has never been canceled by a court,  except for infertility.

This eBook will provide proofs that:
— Marriage existed prior to any human government.
— Marriage was defined prior to any human government.
— Marriage created the first human government.
— States do not define real marriage. States do not confer the right to marry, according to the US Supreme Court.
— States do not create real marriage.
— States do not license real marriage. Those who do not have a right to marry can apply for “marriage” licenses to the State, but it is a phony licentious “marriage”.
— Courts do not divorce real marriage. Courts enforce real marriage. Courts only divorce “marriages” when the couple had no right to enter into a contract to marry. Every licensed “marriage” is phony “marriage” that will be divorced if it gets to court.
— No divorce has ever canceled a real marriage. Not even in Biblical times.
— No state can convert a right into a privilege then charge a fee.
— Licensed “marriage” is a contract with the State, not with the spouse. The terms of the contract can change at any time without notice.
— All children of divorce are bastards that belong to the state.
— No state can convert a right into a privilege then charge a fee.
— Applying for permission to exercise a right (getting the license) is enough to prove in court that you did not have the right to marry.
— The very definition of the word license is a higher authority granting permission to do something licentious, it is enough proof that you were warned to avoid it.
— A license grants State jurisdiction over your family. You place yourself under laws that are immoral.
— Your government regulated marriage has government benefits.  For example, it can be divorced for any reason.  It is the opposite of a real marriage that can never be canceled.
— A marriage license removes God-given parental authority.
— A licensed marriage is proof that you are married to the State. You cannot get a jury trial in a divorce case.
— You cannot appeal a divorce decision on religious grounds. Those who avail themselves of a government benefit cannot then question the constitutionality of the benefit. Even if you never use the benefit of a regulated marriage.
— All children of licensed “marriage” are fruits of the State.
— All children of divorce are bastards that belong to the state.
—  Bastards still have no rights.

Liberals who wanted to play god have changed the definition of the word marriage.  They first demanded that government create a false “marriage” to force rapists to marry their pregnant victims so that children would have rights. Then they demanded that states take children from families.  Then in 1979 they changed the law dictionary definition of marriage to something that never existed.

When the Constitution was written, there was no divorce that could cancel a marriage. Law textbooks in the 1800s said that proof of a real marriage (in the face of the church) would stop a divorce case, and the first wife could divorce her husband’s second marriage. Arm yourself with facts to confront ungodly divorce lawyers and reprobate religious leaders.

proof of a church marriage would stop a divorce case
Proof of a regular marriage in the face of the church (in facie ecclesiœ) would stop a divorce case.

The law-of-the-land still prohibits divorce of traditional marriages. No Supreme Court has ever upheld divorce of a traditional marriage. No Supreme Court has ever said that divorce cancels a marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1888 confirmed that marriage is a relation for life.

This book should be in the hands of:
— engaged couples before they apply for a marriage license
— Christian counselors
— everyone who conducts wedding ceremonies
— paralegals who need to refute divorce lawyers or activist judges
— legislators and lawyers who do not yet realize what marriage is

You are in the right place if you are here because: 
— You are looking for proof that marriage cannot be divorced.
— You were just served divorce papers, yet your spouse took vows to remain married for better or worse, until death you depart.
— Divorce lawyers tell you that there is nothing you can do to stop the State’s legal machinery from destroying your family values.
— You cannot figure out why divorce courts would ever exist. You always knew that Christ was correct when he confirmed (in Matthew 19:6) that marriage cannot be put asunder, and (in Matthew 19:8 and Mark 10:9) that divorce was never lawful, not even since the beginning of mankind.
— Perhaps you are looking for the traditional pre-nuptial agreement where couples are forced to work out their problems just as God had intended, in a marriage that cannot be divorced.
— You noticed how dysfunctional America has become and you suspect that the planned destruction of moral values is leading us somewhere you don’t want to go.  Destroying the family will destroy the country.
— You are outraged that activist judges expect you to embrace a radical re-definition of marriage.
— You tried to stop a divorce. Perhaps, like me, you spent hours trying to tell “Christian” lawyers that Christ was correct.  And you now realize that you cannot get truth from a lawyer because lawyers are of their father (John 8:44). You should have bought this inexpensive book three thousand dollars ago.
— You question why your church solemnizes marriages that can be divorced, yet Christ himself said divorce is not lawful, not even since the beginning of mankind.

If you are trying to find your stolen traditional values, the sad truth is all revealed in the e-book “The History of Unlicensed Marriage”.

Lawyers are working frantically to deceive the very elect by taking away the keys to knowledge.   Their divorce industry deceptions are unmasked and explained in the downloadable e-book “The History of Unlicensed Marriage”.  Lawyers are prohibited from telling you the truth.

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June 2019, B.P. wrote to say:

Your essay is well written and helps me with sound thoughts on my problems with the wife of my youth who is divorced from me. I’ve thought for a long time on the Lawful (Ecclesiastical) side, and rejoiced after reading, more than once, all that you put together. Thank you! “

September 2019, DS, California:

“Mr. Miller, Thank you for this strong assembly of topics and for your outstanding effort to teach and support those whom engage [the legal system].
I am in my 12th year of a divorce…
I read your Marriage Essay and wish to incorporate your brief into my case [challenging the divorce decree]. …
Any feedback is appreciated as I will be representing my self ….
Thank you once again for your fine contribution!

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