A proper noun is the name of a person, place or thing. An all capitalized name is NOT a proper noun, is not a person, place or thing, and is not a true name. “Your” all capitalized name on a credential — or any other government document — is not a proper noun.  IT IS NOT YOU. It is a government creature, created by government, that is an artificial entity, a legal fiction. You are held responsible for managing this artificial entity, because you are the custodian of the government’s all capitalized creature. It’s existence is a government privilege that can be taxed and regulated.

A judge at arraignment must ask you for your true name.  But don’t be fooled.  He is asking for the real person who will be responsible for paying the damages to the peace and dignity of their all-capitalized artificial entity.  And you are required to show up in his courtroom in response to the court summons of the all-capitalized entity.

Incompetent people

If you respond to a non-proper noun as if it was your name, guess what happens. The judge immediately takes silent judicial notice that you are incompetent. (Judges can take silent judicial notice of facts without telling you. See Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 201 and similar State rules of evidence.)

Blacks Law Dictionary first edition: Fatuus praesumitur qui in proprio nomine errat


Back when the United States was a free country, most people kept their Constitutional rights.

Vol. 4 Bacon’s Abridgment, (D) of Misnomer, and want of Addition (1832), page 7:
“Misnomer is a good plea in abatement, for since names are the only marks and indicia which human kind can understand each other by, if the name be omitted or mistaken, there is a complaint against nobody. And…if the defendant has been arrested by a wrong name, the court will set aside the proceedings…and discharge him if in custody.”
Here is a link to an earlier edition of 1793, this quote is on page 38.
Under the U.S. Constitution a misnomer is fatal to all legal instruments. According to New Abridgment of the Law, by Matthew Bacon, 1846, Volume VII, published by Thomas Davis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.:
“If the Christian name be wholly mistaken, this is regularly fatal to all legal instruments…and the reason is, because it is repugnant to the Christian religion, that there should be a Christian without a name of baptism, or that such a person should have two Christian names…and therefore if a person enters into a bond by a wrong Christian name, he cannot be declared against by the name in the obligation, and his true name brought in an alias, for that supposes the possibility of two Christian names; and you cannot declare against the party by his right name, and aver he made the deed by his wrong name.”
But if you were born into the U.S Government by their baptism, then you have the NAME they gave you.
Your all caps government credentials authorize you to present* yourself in commerce.
* (Greek word exon, for those of you who suspect a connection to the Mark of the Beast prophecy). 
Perhaps, just perhaps, this has something to do with the Pope’s 1452 instructions to explorers who find new land to claim for the Pope (Papal Bull “Doctrine of Discovery”):
“”… to capture, vanquish and subdue the Sarccens, pagans and other enemies of Christ to take all their possessions and property and to put them into perpetual slavery.”

 A Christian name is not an all capitalized name

A Christian name is a proper noun and has the first letter capitalized, with the remainder of each name in lower case.  A proper noun is never spelled with all capitalized letters.  You can no longer get a government ID with a Christian name.  Could an all capitalized name be the name of [of = created by] the beast mentioned in Revelation 13:17?  No one with a proper noun Christian name can get a Government ID.  They refuse to issue ID with any proper noun Christian name.  You must first renounce your religion, and dishonor your Father and Mother, before you can get credentials to buy or sell. That’s right. Once you renounce your religion, perhaps all your possessions and property are taken and you are put into perpetual slavery. Just ask yourself if your estate must pay taxes when you die. If so, then you had no right to your possessions and property.
You have a government fictitious (intended to deceive, see definition below of ‘fictitious name’) all capitalized name on your ID cards.  “Government” is not even allowed to call you by your Christian name. A proper noun is a person, place or thing.  They cannot call you by a proper noun.
I am now going to prove that getting a Birth Certificate surrenders the child to the government. Don’t take my word for it, just become familiar with the terminology, and then look at a birth certificate.  Try to get a copy of the document signed by the doctor, not just the computer printout.
Black’s Law Dictionary gives the lawyer’s definition of “Christian name”:
“The baptismal name as distinct from the surname.  The name which is given one after his birth or at baptism, or is afterward assumed by him in addition to his family name.  Such name may consist of a single letter.”
Let’s briefly explore the “afterword assumed by him” terminology.  This is what I wrote in my book on prophecy two decades ago:

Notice that the definition of a Christian name is a name that is given one after birth or at baptism, or is afterward assumed by him in addition to his family name.  You can assume a name at baptism that is not your government name.  Examples: Saul became Paul, Simon became Peter (Cephas in John 1:42), Zacchaeus became Matthew, Didymus became Thomas, and the Thaddaeus of Matthew 10:3 and Mark 13:18 became Judas son of James in Luke 6:16.  Even John the Baptist’s father had to rename his son (Luke 1:63) after the Holy Spirit had filled him “even from his mother’s womb” (Luke 1:15 KJV).  And when Joses became Christian, he was called Barnabas (Acts 4:36).  Just try assuming a Christian name and see what happens.

Do you have authority to present yourself in public, or do you need permission from someone else’s master/lord?
There are dozens of early court cases to prove that you can use any name you want to.  However, merchants who control your buying and selling have been deceived by a beast power into asking for ID “proof that you are who you say you are.”  If these merchants were Christian, they should be saying: “I will not trample upon your right to present yourself in public, I acknowledge your authority to be whoever you say you are.  Your authority to exist does not come from someone’s civil servants.  The government does not have a law impairing the obligations of our contract.”
Early court decisions confirm that Christians must have names, and must reveal their name in court, but non-Christians did not have to have names.  Non-Christians could be called anything, such as John Doe.  If a Christian was called by a name other than his own, he could “abate the court proceedings” by claiming that there was a misnomer.  Everything is backwards now.  Non-Christians get full government recognition with an all capitalized government name, and anyone who wants to keep their Christian name is treated as an enemy of the state.  And furthermore, contempt of court is a life sentence without a trial.

Black’s Law Dictionary, “Surname”:
“The family name; the name over and above the Christian name. The part of a name which is not given in baptism.  The name of a person which is derived from the common name of his parents…. The last name; the name common to all members of a family.”
I was not able to find a copy but Gregg’s Manual of English purportedly states:
“A name spelled in all capital letters or a name initialed, is not a proper noun denoting a specific person, but is a fictitious name, or a name of a dead person, or a nom de guerre.”
Read that again.  A name spelled in all capital letters is the name of a dead person.  Your government considers you to be a dead person. Or, more likely, a fictitious artificial entity.
Here is the 1933 British definition of Christian name from the Oxford English Dictionary:
Perhaps you surrendered your sir-name by being made a spiritual peer to those who grant names. (And I thought that fathers granted names, just like John the Baptist’s father did in Luke 1:63).
Perhaps you surrendered your christian-name [notice they put christian in lower case] by being made a temporal peer to those who grant names.

Black’s Law Dictionary “Fictitious Name”:

“A counterfeit, alias, feigned, or pretended name taken by a person, differing in some essential particular from his true name (consisting of Christian name and patronymic), with the implication that it is meant to deceive or mislead.”
By the way, a counterfeit is an imitation of something genuine.
Definition of nom de guerre from Oxford Dictionary:
• “nom”: Used in expressions denoting a pseudonym, a false or assumed name.”
• “Nom de guerre”: War name.  A name assumed by or assigned to a person engaged in some action or enterprise.
• “Guerre”: War, and as a verb, to wage war.


A name given to you by your master/guardian/custodian can be an antonomasia.

An antonomasia is a substitution of an appellative, or the name of an office. Here is the British 1933 definition from Oxford English Dictionary. Do you have the government office* of citizen. person, national, ward, or resident?

Government style:

The U.S. Government Style Manual, Chapter 3 capitalization rules does not mention any proper noun in all capitalized letters.  In  Chapter 11, not even the names of ships are all capitalized except if being quoted from another source as all capitalized.  Chapter 19 is the first time all capitalized names are mentioned; when a visitor addresses the House or Senate.

Right comprehension

There is a maxim of law: In order rightly to comprehend a thing, inquire first into the names, for a right knowledge of things depends upon their names.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES with an all capitalized name

More information on birth certificates is available in my free essay Birth Certificates.

Buy or Sell in normal commerce

With the cashless society well on its way, a bank account will be needed

A Christian would never get a savings account. See my articles on usury.

A checking account requires a fictitious name. Just look at the signature line on a check. Are you an MP? No. the letters MP stand for microprint. Now get a magnifying glass and see who is authorized to sign for the bank on your behalf.  It is your fictitious artificial entity ALL CAPITALIZED non-proper noun.

And now we have a banking regulation that requires a currently valid photo ID and a Social Security Number in order to open a bank account.
But photo IDs are only available to those who swear oaths to an artificial entity. And SSNs are only available to socialists.


* Footnote about the term “public office”

A right cannot be taxed. If your wages are taxed, it is because you do not have a right to earn wages. It should be obvious that you somehow waived your right to earn wages. So, just who owns your labor?

An employer is no longer defined in the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S. Code § 3401 with the terminology “trade or business of the United States”, so you will have to read between the lines.

An employee is defined in the Internal Revenue code 26 CFR § 31.3401(c)-1 as “includes officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, of the United States, a State, Territory, Puerto Rico,”

Is your labor provided to an employer (the payer of wages) for the employer’s use of (your) federally owned labor?
And is it for a “trade or business of the United States”? After all “trade or business” is defined as  “the performance of the functions of a public office” as defined in Title 26 U.S. Code section 7701(a)(26)?

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Galatians 5:1 (NIV)  “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let  yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”