Presumed contracts

THERE IS A SNARE of presumed contracts

Have you been ensnared by legalities that you did not understand?  Almost 2000 years ago the apostle Paul warned you that you would be snared.  Paul repeated King David’s warning that government benefactors would be a snare to trap you; Romans 11:9.

You were also warned: By their covetousness they shall with feigned words make merchandise of you. (Second Peter 2:3).


The American Bar Association was created in 1878 as a branch of the British Bar Association.

The bar association did not become agencies of the States until the 1930’s.

The book “Ancient Law” by Sir Henry Sumner Maine (John Murray Publisher, Albemarle Street, London. 1861) documented the conspiracy to ensnare you with ancient laws that pledged generations of labor:

  • Page 170: “. . . we may say that the movement of the progressive societies has hitherto been a movement from Status to Contract.”
  • Page 26: “But I now employ the expression “Legal Fiction”* to signify any assumption which conceals, or affects to conceal, the fact that a rule of law has undergone alteration, its letter remaining unchanged, its operation being modified.”
  • “The fact is in both cases that the law has been wholly changed; the fiction is that it remains what it always was.”
  • “They [i.e., “legal fictions”] satisfy the desire for improvement [“innovation in the law”], which is not quite wanting, at the same time that they do not offend the superstitious disrelish for change which is always present. At a particular stage of social progress they are invaluable expedients for overcoming the rigidity of law . . .”
  • Page 27: “Now legal fictions are the greatest of obstacles to symmetrical classification.
  • The rule of law remains sticking in the system, but it is a mere shell. It has been long ago undermined, and a new rule hides itself under its cover.”
  • Page 30: “. . . the wide diffusion of legal fictions, and the efficiency with which they perform their two-fold office of transforming a system of laws and of concealing the transformation.”
  • Page 31: “. . . we habitually employ a double language and entertain, as it would appear, a double and inconsistent set of ideas.”
  • “Yet the moment the judgment has been rendered and reported [after a court has issued its decision], we slide unconsciously or unavowedly into a new language and a new train of thought.”
  • Page 32: The fact that the old rule has been repealed, and that a new one has replaced it, eludes us . . .”

* Bouvier’s Dictionary of the Law; 1856: “FICTIONS OF LAW”.

“The assumption that a certain thing is true, and which gives to a person or thing, a quality which is not natural to it . . .”
Fictions were invented by the Roman praetors, who, not possessing the power to abrogate the law, were nevertheless willing to derogate from it, under the pretense of doing equity. Fiction is the resource of weakness, which, in order to obtain its object, assumes as a fact, what is known to be contrary to truth: when the legislator desires to accomplish his object, he need not feign, he commands. Fictions of law owe their origin to the legislative usurpations of the bench. 4 Benth. Ev. 300.

Notice the word “feign”, as was prophesied for us in the end times, in Second Peter 2:3. But they don’t even have to feign anymore. The “legislator… need not feign” because you reduced yourself back to your original servitude.

1. perpetual contract? The unchanging God of the Bible has always used brutal pagans to enslave His chosen people when they turn to pagan beliefs. Is America going to be any different?

The Vatican’s 1452 Doctrine of Discovery required explorers who discover new lands

“… to capture, vanquish and subdue the Sarccens, pagans and other enemies of Christ to take all their possessions and property and to put them into perpetual slavery.”

Are you one of these enemies of Christ? As those who walked among Christians in Philippians 3:18 but set their minds on earthly things.

2. Maxim of law: “No one can unjustly enrich himself at the expense of others” (this creates a constructive contract that courts enforce “as arise when the law prescribes the rights and liabilities of persons…similar to the rights and liabilities in cases of express contract”). Also look up “constructive fraud”.

If you unjustly enriched yourself at the expense of others, now is the time to pay it back. So pay up.

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