Are there any sovereign citizens?

There are many “Patriot Myths” that are based on make-believe legal theories. These theories get a lot of people into trouble. BUT most of these unfounded theories start with rock-solid truth that got twisted by overzealous patriots. Here are sovereign citizens’ theories debunked.

Here are some studies that I’ve published:

Yes, we are still under martial law from the Civil War. More…

Yes, the Fringed Flag proves federal jurisdiction over state courts.  But it is NOT Admiralty Law.  More…

Yes, there is a right to “drive” (travel, locomote) without a license.  More…

Yes, some people are actually required to have a driver license.

Yes, Birth Certificates are very questionable.

Yes, sovereignty resides in the people, UNTIL they consent to be governed. More… and More…

Yes, your ALL CAPITALIZED NAME is not a real name, because you consented to be governed.  More…

No, you cannot lien a judge who still has immunity for using his official discretion. You can charge him with the crime of abuse of discretion — but the prosecutor will commit the crime of shielding a criminal from prosecution, in full violation of the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871. You then can charge the prosecutor with his crime and run it up to the highest state court, and then to the FBI.

Yes, a judge looses immunity when there is no subject matter jurisdiction, or personam jurisdiction or venue.  BUT you must have solid proof that meets the rules of evidence. And you must come up with proof that it applies to your court.

No, you cannot use a government non-response and HJR192 to assume that there is a Treasury Account with your name on it and then draw from it.  Everyone who tried this went to prison.

Yes, every state has a militia, often defined in the state constitutions.  No, it is not the National Guard.  More…

Yes, there is a vast conspiracy that controls every level of government. More…

Yes, it is true that using Federal Reserve Notes as money waives your right to demand that Congress regulate the value thereof (Article 1, section 8).

seizure of U.S. gold coins in 1933

Yes, some people are actually required to file a tax return.

Yes, we hold the truth that all men are created equal — UNTIL you consent to be governed. (By applying to be a ward of government, or swearing an oath to obey a superior). More… To find out how you waived your rights, read my book The Citizen Cannot Complain and Oaths: Mandatory or Voluntary and Consent to be Governed

Yes, we are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”.

Yes, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

The above problems will not be solved until you can get a fair trial in a local court. I highly recommend you listen to and listen to several podcasts and radio shows.  Donate to them if you can.

I also recommend an online law course  How To Win In Court

Yes, Congress does regulate the value of money, don’t complain that $50 cost $1,900 in federal reserve notes.  Money is defined by Article 1, section 8. The value of a dollar is legislated by congress at $42.2222 per ounce of gold (Public Law No. 93-110). Here is what a $50 one ounce coin looks like :

one ounce U.S. gold


And here is more information Sovereign Citizens Make Pro Se Litigants Look Silly

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