List of other topics on this website

List of other topics on this website:



America Held Captive 

Anti-Privacy Technology (PDF) 

Are Child Vaccines Mandatory? 

Are there any sovereign citizens? 

Are you an enemy of the State? 

Beware of legal lingo 

Bill Of Rights Myths 

Birth Certificates 

Books by Steven D. Miller 

Can a lawyer be honest? 

Census (book Ad) 

Civics Lesson (PDF) 

Civil Law in the U.S. 

Copywriting services by Steven D. Miller 


Court cases requiring people to get an SSN 

Did you waive your right to earn wages, thereby making your wages taxable? 

Do police lie to courts? 


Redefinitions of the term “License” 

Due Process — What is it? 

Family Rights 

Founders intent for U.S. government 

Freedom in America 

Fundamentals of freedom in the U.S. 

Globalist Agenda 

Gold Fringed Flag Facts 

Gun Control in the U.S. – Just the Basics 

How do I know if I waived my rights? 


Identification Credentials (book Ad) 


Income Tax: Mandatory or Voluntary? 

IRS taxing authority — just the basics 

jury instruction cites 

Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God 

Lessons for a free America (Front Page) 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 1 — How to Recognize freedom if you see it. 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 2 — How to recognize authority when you see it. 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 3 — How to recognize your slavery when you see it. 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 4 — How to recognize oppression when you see it 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 5: How to recognize conspiracy when you see it. 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 6 — How to recognize martial law when you see it. 

AMERICA HELD CAPTIVE — Part 7 — How to recognize tyranny when you see it 

Banks are the Enemy of Capitalism 

Consequences of remaining silent 

Easter Quiz 

Injustice: Judges Destroy Liberty 

Pet license deceptions 


Things the government did not tell you about the Social Security System 


Who owns “your” car? 


From whom do the kings of the earth exact tribute? 

Constitutional taxation — a study by Steven Miller 

Social Security Numbers are issued by the IRS — not by the Social Security Administration 

Social Security Numbers are not required to live or work in the U.S. 

The Constitution requires a balanced budget 

Something is Fishy in the United States 

The U.S. Constitution does not change 

Liberty and Justice for all who can qualify 

Limited Government 

List of other topics on this website 

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Oaths (book Ad) 

Online Law Course (Advertisement) 

Overcome their obstacles 

People are destroyed for lack of knowledge 

Persons, Residents, Inhabitants 

Pet license deceptions 

Police Powers of the State 

Prescription pharmacy regulations 

Presumed contracts 

Privacy in the USA 

Privacy issues in American History 

Public Schools: Mandatory or Voluntary? 

Redefinitions of the term ” License “ 

Revenue Taxable Activity 

Rights only come with responsibilities. 

Selective Service registration: Mandatory or Voluntary? 

Set Yourself Free 

Should a Christian obey government? 

Social Compact theory of government 

Social Security Cards are for welfare applicants, not for employment 

Socialized Health Care 


Start Your Journey to Freedom 


The Authority Deceptions 

The Citizen Cannot Complain 

The Myth of Government Benefits 

The Myth of License 

The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy 

The Pledge of Allegiance (PDF) 

The three rights of all mankind 

The Word Definition Deceptions 

Unlicensed Marriage is a relation for life (book Ad) 

Water Rights 

Wetland regulations are out of control 

What is wrong with liberal thinking? 

Why do States exist? 

Why liberty fails 

You are under strong delusion.