Income Tax: Mandatory or Voluntary?

Income Tax: Mandatory or Voluntary?

I do not give legal advice to those who have consented to be governed.

It is up to you to study the law and apply the law to your own facts.
You must decide if you are involved in a federal taxable activity.
You must decide if you are subject to federal laws.
Even if you must pay Caesar his tribute and Pharaoh his tale of bricks*, you might still be interested in the tax deceptions.

Hint: If you waived your right to earn wages, then your wages become taxable.

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* The term “tale of bricks” is used in Exodus 5:18.  By the way, slaves under Pharaoh had a 20% income tax during a time of national emergency (Genesis 47:23-26).  The other 80% was their living allowance.  How does this compare to your take-home living allowance?