Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Russia suspends nuclear treaty
Russia to resume nuclear tests
Putin orders nuclear forces to combat duty
China President to visit Russia soon
UK Nuclear Alert Drill
China ready to join forces with Russia
Moldova War imminent
Serbian President “Everyone’s preparing for war”
Russia summons U.S. Ambassador
Belarus to enter war
China and Russia conduct war drills near South Africa

Ignore the man behind the curtain.
Globalists must use fear to coerce you into their trap of a worldwide government.
Their Central Bank Digital Currency will roll out, in a country near you, to control your buying and selling — which is the ultimate blacklist. You will be powerless to stop it.  Evasion is the only way out.

While it is still legal, gather together in your local community to barter without the globalist currency. Find people who know farming, blacksmith skills, medicinal herbs, mining, construction, leatherworking, alternative medicine, cabinet making, alternative fuels, cordage and weaving, etc.

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