The Coming Collapse

The Coming Collapse
by Steven D. Miller

The middle class was eliminated by the COVID lockdowns, yet the stock market and the real estate market are booming. Congress borrowed $Trillions for COVID relief and bailouts. The Federal Reserve monetized much of the debt but there was no trickle-down to the middle class. This influx of cash had to go somewhere. It caused a boom in the real estate markets and stock markets.

AND Now it is Bubble time.

● Real Estate Bubble.
● Housing Bubble.
● Stock market Bubble.
● Debt Bubble.
● Inflation.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

AND THEN all the world’s reserve currency dollars will come home from all the world’s banks, but we do not have the gold to redeem them. What happens then?


The eviction moratorium keeps the residential rental vacancy rate near zero. So rental prices of the few available rentals are sky high.

Prepare now for all the humanity when the moratorium ends. Your poor, huddled masses, the wretched refuse, the homeless, tempest-tossed will be at your doorstep demanding help. For the price of a bullet some will get whatever they want. Just look at what is happening in South Africa.

We were warned 2150 years ago when democracies create among the masses an appetite for gifts and the habit of receiving them, they degenerate into perfect savages. (More)

When the eviction moratorium ends, those residential landlords who have not been paying their mortgage will be foreclosed by their banks.


If you were interested in investing in productivity, it makes no sense to invest until prices drop back down to around 10 to 15 times earnings. America should be actually making things, but all that went offshore with the 1990s free trade nonsense.

By the way, free trade was never the intent of the U.S. Constitution. The government was to be funded by imposts, duties and excise taxes. Never by direct tax except during war. Read my article The Constitution Requires a Balanced Budget.


Ever since we started the Social Security program in the mid 1930’s we keep raising the debt limit to overspend. We borrow by issuing Treasury bonds with “the full faith and credit of the United States”. This means our spending money is borrowed from our children who must repay. Our assets and our forced labor are the collateral for the debt. Communist China is our largest creditor. What could possibly go wrong?

And don’t miss my article Banks are the Enemy of Capitalism.


Believe it or not, there are globalists who want one world government. These deep-state infiltrators are in all governments. To get to their global domination, they must first destroy all existing governments.

You might have noticed that the middle class was destroyed by the COVID lockdown. And our children must now repay all the borrowing authorized by these deep-state infiltrators.

AND, yes. Children are collateral for the National Debt. In 1994 the Globalists demanded more U.S. collateral for their loan guarantees, so we signed a trade treaty (The GATT treaty — General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) requiring children to be enumerated at birth.

● The Uruguay Round Agreements Act, Public Law 103-465. (section 742 starts on page 202 of the PDF)
● passed into law by HR 5110

COVID Plandemic overspending

  • $ 396 Billion CORONAVIRUS PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS ACT. Not including ongoing adjustments to limits on discretionary budget authority.
  • PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM AND HEALTH CARE ENHANCEMENT ACT includes: $321 Billion in 2020, $60 Billion in loan guarantees, $10 Billion “economic injury” loans, $75 Billion in supplemental appropriations
  • $25 Billion for COVID tests, and $62 Billion for Small Business Administration’s expenses.
  • $2 Billion for Coronavirus-Related Supplemental Funding to health centers.
  • not including $651 Billion in tax breaks.

This borrowing was just for COVID lockdown consequences, it does not include the $3.5 Trillion spending bill, nor the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill — of which 6% actually goes to infrastructure (and the rest goes to the Cloward-Piven Marxist agenda). And the infrastructure funds will not be going to protect infrastructure against hacking or EMP.

And Social Security “Reserves” are actually loans that Congress “promised” to repay, but even if you count on the repayments, Social Security will be gone in 15 years.

What could possibly go wrong?


It might start with a natural disaster, such as a cold snap that shutdown Texas last winter, or a volcano erupting, or civil unrest like 2020. Or the overdue great earthquake that destroys the West Coast.

Or it could start with massive hacking of infrastructure, or a plandemic just like COVID but with a strand of HIV attached. The deep state will bring down America and then present only one option: their world government.

Any of the following will destroy us:
● shutdown our electric grids by hacking
● shutdown our pipelines so no trains, planes or trucks can deliver food into cities.
● North Korea can launch an EMP strike over us, even from false flagged ships
● China can sink our aircraft carriers with their hypersonic missiles

Then China will invade Taiwan, North Korea will invade South Korea, Iran will destroy Israel.

Then America will surrender to deep state’s Martial Law and we are off to the concentration camps, discussed below. Our forced labor will repay our debtors.


There is a huge default coming. Prepare for the concentration camps. Now is the time to start networking with like-minded patriots to prepare for the social needs of your collapsed society. If you can meet your social needs then you will not be forced to beg for benefits that the world government offers. Just like it was when Christians were told to be ye separate.

Concentration camps are already planned. A copy of the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40 INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS is available at

Don’t think that this Army Field Manual is for oversees refugee camps. Notice that Social Security Numbers are needed to register the prisoners. And don’t miss the terminology “reeducation”.

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I recommend the book America’s Financial Reckoning Day: How you can survive America’s monetary and political decline in the 21st Century by Charles H. Coppes

The U.S. is in deep trouble. America’s financial house of cards is beginning to concern informed individuals (and foreigners) while the vast majority appear either indifferent or unaware of our nation’s serious vulnerability. America’s Financial Reckoning Day is a wake-up call to the baby-boom generation that a hyperinflationary depression and America’s loss of leadership in the world is a distinct possibility in the near future. Chuck Coppes has carefully researched and skillfully presented a compelling case for America’s obsolescence and political paradigms that will help redefine the 21st Century. This is a hard-hitting book about banking intrigue, political malfeasance, treachery, and a prophetic odyssey that reads like an Orwellian novel. It is also a book about survival that will challenge your personal and financial priorities as you read through the final chapters. This book serves as a good reminder that our lives have meaning and significance in God’s plan for the future. For a thorough understanding of the critical times we are living in, it is recommended that you find a quiet place on a peaceful weekend and read this fascinating book in its entirety – and then pass it along to someone you care about.

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If regulations have you trapped by an agency in their Administrative Hearings, I recommend the book The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present.

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If you want to challenge the loss of your rights, I recommend an online law course for those who will fight against the powers-that-be. It has save me and it might just be your get-out-of-jail card.

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If you want to join me in pondering how the deep state infiltrators got into power, read my 32 page report that questions lawyer’s integrity.

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Steven D. Miller is a freelance writer producing informative Articles, blog posts, ghost writing, newsletters, web pages, case studies, white papers, reports, eBooks and high-density documentaries. He is available to offer hope to any audience that yearns to breathe free.

More people by far get the information they crave and need on the Internet from blog posts than they do from any other source.

Clark Kent will not show up to fight your never ending battles for truth, justice and the American way. But I will.

When the State kidnaps children

Men defend their families which is why we created a government. It is why we go to war. When the State kidnaps your children, will you surrender your family, or will you use their laws to punish the kidnappers? Child protective Services (CPS, or in some states DCF, DSS, DHS, DCFS, FIA, OCS) cannot investigate alleged child abuse or interview a child on private property without exigent circumstances or probable cause, or parent’s permission.

  • Investigative interview of a child constitutes an unreasonable “search and seizure” Doe v. Heck No. 01-3648 (2003) found that a “no prior consent” interview was a clear violation of parent’s constitutional rights.
  • Hurlman v. Rice (1991) The mere possibility of danger does not constitute an emergency or exigent circumstance that would justify a warrantless search of a home or seizure of a child.
  • Quilloin v. Walcott 434 US 246, 155 (1978) It is a due process violation when the state breaks up a family solely on a “best interest” analysis that is not supported by proof of parental unfitness.

You have a right to make your own decisions about your children. Back in the old days
we had a word for this. We called it liberty. Liberty is a constitutionally guaranteed right. The U.S. Supreme Court in Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 US 390, at page 399 gave a partial definition of liberty:

The term Liberty “… denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint, but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, to establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his/her own conscience… the established doctrine is that this liberty may not be interfered with under the guise of protecting public interest, by legislative action which is arbitrary or without reasonable relation to some purpose within the competency of the state to effect.”

Liberty Bell is inscribed with Leviticus 25:10
Leviticus 25:10 Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land.

In 1993 a federal court ruled in Qutb v. Strauss, 11 F3d 488: “Parents right to rear children without undue governmental interference is a fundamental component of due process.”

Swipies v. Kofka, 348 F3d 701 (2003):

Parents have a liberty interest in the care, custody, and management of their children. See Manzano, 60 F.3d at 509. This interest can be limited by the state’s compelling interest in protecting a child: “the parental liberty interest in keeping the family unit intact is not a clearly established right in the context of reasonable suspicion that parents may be abusing children.” See Myers v. Morris, 810 F.2d 1437, 1462 (8th Cir.), cert. denied, 484 U.S. 828, 108 S.Ct. 97, 98 L.Ed.2d 58 (1987). “[W]hen a state official pursuing a child abuse investigation takes an action which would otherwise unconstitutionally disrupt familial integrity, he or she is entitled to qualified immunity, if such action is properly founded upon a reasonable suspicion of child abuse.” Manzano, 60 F.3d at 510-11.

Don’t be fooled by their term “reasonable suspicion”. It must be an objectively reasonable suspicion, not just a hunch. Don’t be fooled when the State kidnaps your children.

Jenkins v. Rock Hill School District, 513 F3d 580 (2008):

“parents have a liberty interest in the care, custody, and control of their children. Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 65, 120 S.Ct. 2054, 147 L.Ed.2d 49 (2000); see also Pierce v. Soc’y of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 535, 45 S.Ct. 571, 69 L.Ed. 1070 (1925) (Fourteenth Amendment prevents “unreasonably interfering with the liberty of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control.”); Barrett v. Steubenville City Schools, 388 F.3d 967, 972 (6th Cir. 2004) (noting the fundamental right of parents to raise their child has been clearly established); Johnson v. City of Cincinnati, 310 F.3d 484, 499 (6th Cir.2002) (“[A] family member’s right to participate in child rearing and education is one of the most basic and important associational rights protected by the Constitution.”).

1943 WL 54417 (U.S.) Appeal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court from Massachusetts in the 1943 case of Prince v. Massachusetts:

“The prosecution of appellant through misapplication of the statute is a step toward destroying one of the oldest and fundamental institutions of society, namely, the family. The family is the backbone of all orderly governments. It is to democracy what blood is to the human body. Drain away the warm family relationship and substitute the cold foster-parental care of the government and democracy will perish as surely as will the body when the blood ceases to circulate. If the individual in a democracy is to retain his integrity the family relations must not be impaired by misapplied laws. The strength of the nation depends upon the security of the family and family life.”

Note that this is the same Prince v Massachusetts case that the Illinois Supreme Court said was their basis for limiting parental roles.

Don’t be fooled when the State kidnaps your children.

If you want to challenge the loss of your rights, I recommend an online law course for those who will fight against the powers-that-be. It has save me and it might just be your get-out-of-jail card.

Here is my in-depth explanation of REGULATIONS.

If regulations have you trapped by an agency in their Administrative Hearings, I recommend the book The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present.

You may also be interested in my book on Family Rights.

What does the Firearms Act actually tax?

All gun control laws are derived from The National Firearms Act of 1934, as amended. The National Firearms Act of 1934 is a tax law. But a Constitutionally guaranteed right cannot be taxed — so what does the Firearms Act actually tax? I don’t know the answer. Please help me understand this. I suspect that it is the right to use firearms in regulated Commerce (see the Supreme Court’s Lopez case) but I cannot confirm this. 

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” — Marbury v. Madison 

“… the performance of duty by constituted officers must not be thwarted. But these agents, servants of a Government and a society whose existence and strength comes from these constitutional safeguards, are serving law when they respect, not override, these guarantees. The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot thus be converted into a crime.”
— US Supreme Court in Miller v. US, 230 F2d 486, 489 (1956).

“… reflect the obvious concern that there be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of constitutional rights”
— Sherer v. Cullen , 481 F2d 945.

Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943), The Supreme Court ruled that

“The state cannot and does not have the power to license, nor tax, a Right guaranteed to the people,”
“a license tax—a flat tax imposed on the exercise of a privilege granted by the Bill of Rights. A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the federal constitution. Thus, it may not exact a license tax for the privilege of carrying on interstate commerce (McGoldrick v. Berwind-White Co., 309 U.S. 33, 56—58, 60 S.Ct. 388, 397, 398, 84 L.Ed. 565, 128 A.L.R. 876), although it may tax the property used in, or the income derived from, that commerce, so long as those taxes are not discriminatory. Id., 309 U.S. at page 47, 60 S.Ct. at page 392, 84 L.Ed. 565, 128 A.L.R. 876 and cases cited. A license tax applied to activities guaranteed by the First Amendment would have the same destructive effect. It is true that the First Amendment, like the commerce clause, draws no distinction between license taxes, fixed sum taxes, and other kinds of taxes. But that is no reason why we should shut our eyes to the nature of the tax and its destructive influence. The power to impose a license tax on the exercise of these freedoms is indeed as potent as the power of censorship which this Court has repeatedly struck down. ”

In another 1st Amendment case, Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham 394 U.S. 147 (1969), the Supreme Court ruled similarly, that

“And our decisions have made clear that a person faced with such an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it and engage with impunity in the exercise of the right of free expression for which the law purports to require a license. ”

So what does the Firearms Act actually tax?


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my essay Gun Control in U.S. – just the basics. – Do Not Be Fooled by Government (

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Farmer Bill Gates

Farmer Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America. You will soon notice shortages at the grocery stores. What will you do when famine hits America?

Globalists want to create a world government. They must first destroy all existing governments before they offer their only solution.

You will notice water shortages caused by Geoengineered droughts. (Here is a link to this week’s Drought Monitor). More predictions of a continued drought can be found at Drought by Benjamin Cook, a research scientist with NASA Earth Observatory. And a scientific paper Megadroughts in North America.

But food and water shortages are not their only plan. Chaos is their plan for destruction. You will notice computer chips, that were once manufactured in the USA, will be withheld from their foreign sources. You will notice forced vaccinations, forced credentials to enter the marketplace, intelligent surveillance robots (soon to become AI Terminator Robots), loss of ALL freedoms especially gun rights, and the Federal Reserve cryptocurrency (to implement their end of paper money).

How much of the United States does China really own? | Fox News

Farmer Bill Gates owns 242 Thousand acres of farmland in 16 States, many theories abound.

He also owns 27,000 acres of other land.

Farmer Bill Gates wants rich countries to sustain themselves with synthetic beef. While the world faces a famine.

Also see

The 2008 documentary video Food, Inc. exposed the corporate takeover of food production.
Then there were theories that Monsanto purchased the Blackwater mercenary army. It might not be proved, but there is substantial evidence behind this theory.

Nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland is owned by foreigners. Much of this is China. Source: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of US Farmland Now Owned By Foreigners

One in four U.S. pigs are owned by China. Source: How China is buying up America’s food supply
A Communist Chinese firm has purchased Smithfield, the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer. According to Smithfield “The company was founded in Smithfield, Virginia, in 1936 and was acquired by Hong Kong-based WH Group in 2013.”

America cannot feed itself.

According to the U.S. exported $15,119,687,096 in food and agriculture (excluding wood products) to Communist China in 2019.

What would happen if Communist China and Farmer Bill Gates were to stop selling food to us? What could possibly go wrong?

History of the Globalists

As America becomes accustomed to Collectivists making every decision for us, farmers are forced to comply with intrusive federal regulations. Even the family dog must be tagged as livestock, in case there is a disease outbreak. (source)

Stalin’s Communism killed 20 Million. Source: Major Soviet Paper Says 20 Million Died As Victims of Stalin – The New York Times (

Stalin deliberately starved Seven Million in Ukraine with his forced collectivist (communism) policies to eliminate small farms and use modern agriculture machinery to feed the citizens. Source: The History Place – Genocide in the 20th Century: Stalin’s Forced Famine 1932-33
Also see the Stalin quote, below.

Farmer Bill Gates’ father was a Eugenicist. Bill Gates, Sr. obituary in the NY Times said he was a director of Planned Parenthood. For more information on the original goals of Planned Parenthood, see my post on Roe v. Wade.

Geo Engineering

The Dimming by is full length documentary on weather modification Chem trails. Link: The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch ) – YouTube

During the 2021 severely cold weather in Texas, temperatures at the North Pole were 33 degrees warmer than the Gulf Coast of Texas. Meteorologically speaking, this anomalous weather could not have been a natural occurrence, and it doesn’t make sense that higher elevations in the area would have warmer temperatures. This could only happen through an endothermic reacting material like chemical ice nucleation, Link:

15,000 to 30,000 cattle died in the 2013 early October blizzard in western South Dakota. Their nostrils frost froze solid. Geo Engineering chemicals explain this endothermic ice nucleation. The cattle death count was later increased to 50,000.

What could possibly go wrong?

Joseph Stalin, Speech on Agrarian Policy — Dec. 27, 1929:

Note: kulaks were family owned farms

{1} The characteristic feature in the work of our Party during the past year is that we, as a Party, as the Soviet power:
    a) have developed an offensive along the whole front against the capitalist elements in the countryside;
    b) that this offensive, as you know, has yielded and continues to yield very appreciable, positive results.

{2} What does this mean? It means that we have passed from the policy of restricting the exploiting tendencies of the kulaks to the policy of eliminating the kulaks as a class. It means that we have carried out, and are continuing to carry out, one of the decisive turns in our whole policy.

{3} Until recently the Party adhered to the policy of restricting the exploiting tendencies of the kulaks. As you know, this policy was proclaimed as far back as the Eighth Party Congress. It was again announced at the time of the introduction of NEP and at the Eleventh Congress of our Party. We all remember Lenin’s well-known letter [in 1922 in which he] . . . once again returned to the need for pursuing this policy. Finally, this policy was confirmed by the Fifteenth Congress of our Party. And it was this policy that we were pursuing until recently.

{4} Was this policy correct? Yes, it was absolutely correct at the time. Could we have undertaken such an offensive against the kulaks some five years or three years ago? Could we then have counted on success in such an offensive? No, we could not. That would have been the most dangerous adventurism. It would have been a vcry dangerous playing at an offensive. For we should certainly have failed, and our failure would have strengthened the position of the kulaks. Why? Because we did not yet have in the countryside strongpoints in the form of a wide network of state farms and collective farms which could be the basis for a determined offensive against the kulaks. Because a. that time we were not yet able to replace the capitalist production of the kulaks by the socialist production of the collective farms and state farms. . . .

{5} An offensive against the kulaks is a serious matter. It should not be confused with declamations against the kulaks. Nor should it be confused with a policy of pinpricks against the kulaks, which the . . . opposition did its utmost to impose upon the Party. To launch an offensive against the kulaks means that we must smash the kulaks, eliminate them as a class. Unless we set ourselves these aims, an offensive would be mere declamation, pinpricks, phrase-mongering, anything but a real Bolshevik offensive. To launch an offensive against the kulaks means that we must prepare for it and then strike at the kulaks, strike so hard as to prevent them from rising to their feet again. That is what we Bolsheviks call a real offensive. Could we have undertaken such an offensive some five years or three years ago with any prospect of success? No, we could not.

{6} Indeed, in 1927 the kulaks produced over 600 million poods of grain, about 130 million poods of which they marketed outside the rural districts. That was a rather serious power, which had to be reckoned with. How much did our collective farms and state farms produce at that time? About 80 million poods, of which about 35 million poods were sent to the market (marketable grain). Judge for yourselves, could we at that time have replaced the kulak output and kulak marketable grain by the output and marketable grain of our collective farms and state farms? Obviously, we could not.

{7} What would it have meant to launch a determined offensive agains. the kulaks under such conditions? It would have meant certain failure, strengthening the position of the kulaks and being left without grain. That is why we could not and should not have undertaken a determined offensive against the kulaks at that time. . .

{8} But today? What is the position now? Today, we have an adequate material base for us to strike at the kulaks, to break their resistance, to eliminate them as a class, and to replace their output by the output of the collective farms and state farms. You know that in 1929 the grain produced on the collective farms and state farms amounts to not less than 400 million poods (200 million poods below the gross output of the kulak farms in 1927). You also know that in 1929 the collective farms and state farms have supplied more than 130 million poods of marketable grain (i.e., more than the kulaks did in 1927). Lastly, you know that in 1930 the gross grain output of the collective farms and state farms will amount to not less than 900 million poods (i.e., more than the gross output of the kulaks in 1927), and their output of marketable grain will be not less than 400 million poods (i.e., incomparably more than the kulaks supplied in 1927).

{9} That is how matters stand with us now, comrades.

{10} There you have the change that has taken place in the economy of our country.

{11} Now, as you see, we have the material base which enables us to replace the kulak output by the output of the collective farms and state farms. It is for this very reason that our determined offensive against the kulaks is now meeting with undeniable success.

{12} That is how an offensive against the kulaks must be carried on, if we mean a genuine and determined offensive and not mere futile declamations against the kulaks.

{13} That is why we have recently passed from the policy of restricting the exploiting tendencies of the kulaks to the policy of eliminating the kulaks as a class.

{14} Well, and what about the policy of dekulakization? Can we permit dekulakization in the areas of complete collectivization? This question is asked in various quarters. A ridiculous question! We could not permit dekulakization as long as we were pursuing the policy of restricting the exploiting tendencies of the kulaks, as long as we were unable to go over to a determined offensive against the kulaks, as long as we were unable to replace the kulak output by the output of the collective farms and state farms. At that time the policy of not permitting dekulakization was necessary and correct. But now? Now things are different. Now we are able to carry on a determined offensive against the kulaks, break their resistance, eliminate them as a class and replace their output by the output of the collective farms and state farms. Now, dekulakization is being carried out by the masses of poor and middle peasants themselves, who are putting complete collectivization into practice. Now, dekulakization in the areas of complete collectivization is no longer just an administrative measure. Now, it is an integral part of the formation and development of the collective farms. Consequently it is now ridiculous and foolish to discourse at length on dekulakization. When the head is off, one does not mourn for the hair.

{15} There is another question which seems no less ridiculous: whether the kulaks should be permitted to join the collective farms. Of course not, for they are sworn enemies of the collective-farm movement.

In The United States


Feds Escalate Assault On Dairy Farmers
By Liz Reitzig

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) apparent war on Amish “raw dairy” farmers increased on Dec. 6 when the FDA filed a motion for summary judgment with Pennsylvania judge Lawrence Stengler asking for a permanent injunction against dairy farmer Dan Allgyer to forbid him from selling fresh milk out of state. FDA regulation 21 CFR §1240.61 criminalizes any selling of milk intended to cross state lines.

After a two-year, expensive exhaustive undercover operation, including multiple armed raids on Allgyer’s farm, FDA agents and a team of 10 federal lawyers amassed over 276 pages of evidence allegedly proving what Allgyer openly admits, that he is selling fresh (raw, unpasteurized) milk to customers who knowingly carry the milk across state lines. Thousands of Maryland customers who have been buying from Allgyer for years were the main focus for evidence during the investigation. In spite of the FDA raids and injunction filing, Allgyer has continued to support his customers’ needs for fresh milk and other farm foods, citing his God-given inalienable rights. Like mos tAmish  people, Allgyer is reluctant to participate in the legal system, but he has chosen to respond, and his response claims that the FDA action “has created a serious dilemma” by “violating [his] due process and equal protection under the law,” and he is “prepared to proceed with a public court forum, if necessary.” Should Stengler sign the motion, the injunction would not ban Allgyer  from selling in Pennsylvania, but the Maryland families he supplies would lose their food source and he would lose his out-of-state business and would be subjected to strenuous regulation and unannounced, unlimited, unwarranted inspections, at his expense, including costs of travel, food, lodging and per diems for inspectors. A single inspection could cost as much as $10,000.

Allyger’s response argues that the FDA’s action, though classified as a civil action, is in reality “a quasicriminal action . . . because of the severe sanctions and consequences that could occur as a result of the FDA investigation and the inspection” and as such “requires prior notice of the offense, probable cause and official complaint, which is totally lacking in this case.” Organizers of the D.C. area-buying club Grassfed on the Hill, supplied by Allgyer, helped form the Raw Milk Freedom Riders in support of Allgyer and other farmers like him.

“The freedom riders are a group of consumers challenging the FDA’s regulation by engaging indeliberate civil disobedience. They demand the FDA cease prosecuting farmers and consumers for transporting raw milk across state lines,” says the group’s founder, Karine Bouis-Towe. “The riders have staged two ‘freedom rides.’ On Nov. 1 they took raw milk from Pennsylvania to FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., then on Dec. 8 they transported raw milk from Wisconsin to Chicago, Ill., both times distributing the milk. The FDA declined to prosecute in both cases.”

The action against Allgyer is the latest in a string of FDA persecutions of Amish dairy farmers in recent years.


Liz Reitzigis the co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, an advocacy group that helps farmers under assault from the government.

U.S. History

When the Constitution was being considered for  ratification, there were debates about the Constitutional clause to regulate interstate commerce.  For a long time people thought the words “regulate commerce among the several states” referred ONLY to promoting commerce, not restricting commerce, after all, “one of the objectives of the Philadelphia Convention was the promotion of commerce” according to an analysis of the Constitution published in 1996 by the Congressional Research Service in Senate Document 103-6. Example: the first agriculture department in Pennsylvania was created to help farmers sell eggs OUTSIDE of Pennsylvania , and to run a state fair, promoting Pennsylvania grown produce. THAT’S IT!  That was the government’s understanding of the Constitution clause “regulating commerce among the several states”

“The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.”
— Alexander Hamilton, 1775, The Farmer Refuted

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Something is fishy in the United States

Food disparagement laws

Martial Law takeover of courts

U.S. District Courts were not established by the U.S. Constitution. They did not exist prior to 1948. They were created under martial law rule.

  • Article 1, section 8 allows Congress to constitute tribunals inferior to the Superior Court. Whereas Article 3 courts are established, not constituted. Do not be fooled just because tribunals call themselves “courts.”
  • The checks and balances between branches of government are established by the Constitution. Legislative powers cannot control judicial courts that were established by the Constitution.
  • Real Judicial courts are NOT subject to a statute of limitations.
  • U.S. District Courts are not established by the constitution.
  • Judicial (Article 3) courts’ judges must have the constitutional security of tenure and salary.
  • See my article Gold Fringed Flag Facts. – Do Not Be Fooled by Government (


Unlike its original jurisdiction, the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is subject to “exceptions and regulations” prescribed by Congress, and the jurisdiction of the inferior federal courts is subject to congressional prescription. Additionally, Congress has power to regulate modes and practices of proceeding on the part of the inferior federal courts. Whether there are limitations to the exercise of these congressional powers, and what the limitations may be, are matters that have vexed scholarly and judicial interpretation over the years, inasmuch as congressional displeasure with judicial decisions has sometimes led to successful efforts to “curb” the courts and more frequently to proposed but unsuccessful curbs.1171 Supreme Court holdings establish clearly the breadth of congressional power, and numerous dicta assert an even broader power, but that Congress may through the exercise of its powers vitiate and overturn constitutional decisions and restrain the exercise of constitutional rights is an assertion often made but not sustained by any decision of the Court.”

— Senate Document 112-9 at Page 841
U.S. Supreme Court main door

According to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Marshall:

“The appellate powers of this court are not given by the judicial act. They are given by the constitution. But they are limited and regulated by the judicial act, and by such other acts as have been passed on the subject.”

— Durousseau v. United States, 10 U.S. (6 Cr.) 307, 313–314 (1810). “Courts which are created by written law, and whose jurisdiction is defined by written law, cannot transcend that jurisdiction.” Ex parte Bollman, 8 U.S. (4 Cr.) 75, 93 (1807) (Chief Justice Marshall). Marshall had earlier expressed his Durousseau thoughts in United States v. More, 7 U.S. (3 Cr.) 159 (1805).

“The notion has frequently been entertained, that the federal courts derive their judicial power immediately from the constitution: but the political truth is, that the disposal of the judicial power (except in a few specified instances) belongs to Congress.
If Congress has given the power to this Court, we possess it, not otherwise: and if Congress has not given the power to us, or to any other Court, it still remains at the legislative disposal. Besides, Congress is not bound, and it would, perhaps, be inexpedient, to enlarge the jurisdiction of the federal courts, to every subject, in every form, which the constitution might warrant.”

— Turner v. Bank of North America, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 8, 10 (1799).

Federal Regional Power

Federal regional power is authorized by Martial Law. Before martial law existed there were only United States Judicial Districts, which were superior to state courts, and only considered constitutional questions. A good discussion of this is the US Supreme Court decision in Ableman v. Booth 62 US 506 (1858) about the fugitive slave act. The reason they only considered constitutional questions is because there could be no federal laws that apply to state citizens, except for the three crimes mentioned in the Constitution. There is no other authority granted to the federal government that affects state citizens.

After martial law was imposed Federal District Courts (federal regional tribunals) were constituted which are inferior to state courts. Federal regional tribunals cannot possess the judicial power of the United States when hearing statutory regional proceedings. The only authority for the supremacy of federal regional power is under Article II Martial law. These Legislative (not judicial) Tribunals are constituted, not “established”, under Article I, Section 8, clause 9 of the US Constitution.

Do not be fooled that they are called courts.
There is no Act of Congress before 1948 naming any court “The United States District Court”, or “The United States Circuit Court of Appeals”. These two Courts did not exist before 1948. In 1948 Congress enacted Title 28 USC into Positive Law. This title creates courts that do not possess the judicial power of the United States. They can be delegated legislative authority only, because the Constitution did not establish them as judicial courts. They can only possess legislative authority, because the legislature created them. (such as Military jurisdiction — Again, a judicial court is established if the Constitution authorizes it under the Judicial Article). They can possess the Military jurisdiction that the martial law amendments (13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26) specifically say “shall be enforced by Congress”.
These two courts were created under Title 28 acts of Congress. Before 1948 it was impossible for these two Courts to exist.). Again: Article 1, section 8 authorizes Congress “To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court”. Legislative tribunals are not judicial courts, but they call themselves courts.

See my essay on the gold fringed flag.

You can be dragged into marital law courts if you have applied for, or received, federal welfare. Such as getting a Social Security Number. Start studying by reading my essay on Things the government forgot to tell you about the Social Security System.


Repetitive S sounds SSS, in both in the Biblical Hebrew (Strong’s H8337, H8346) and the Greek New Testament words, Sigma and stigma, were historically identified as 666.

In addition, SSS is the symbol used for the worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the goddess of welfare.

The LORD Himself warned you in First Samuel 8:5-17 that government will tax, tax, tax and tax until you cannot stand it (and back then it was just 10%). You were warned that your elected king would take, take, take until society collectively wants God back into their life, but God will not answer your prayers according to verse 18.

There is a reason that God will not hear your prayers. Forced welfare is not charity. Forced welfare covets your neighbors’ wealth and uses the force and threats of violence to take it. Charity is love of neighbor as you would love yourself. Learn the difference.

Solomon’s perpetual tax, tax, tax (the take, take, take that Samuel wrote of) is also relevant to the 666 of Revelation 13. It is identified with the repetitive S sounds SSS.

ΣΣΣ Worship of Isis

Arabic numerals being a comparatively modern invention were not known to, and could not have been used by, the more ancient nations.

This Greek letter  (called Stigma) is used for the number 6. Why this letter and number … both are intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian “mysteries.” The three letters SSS (in Greek ) were the symbol of Isis, which is thus connected with 666. Indeed, the expression of this number, , consists of the initial and final letters of the word  (Christos), Christ, viz.,  and , with the symbol of the serpent between them, . 

— source: (and notice the mention of three sigma, which is SSS or 666, for the ancient Egyptian symbol for Isis. We will discuss this in detail, later.)

Your 666 tax authorization card and tax ID number might be suspicious. Join me in pondering the possibilities.

If John the revelator intended a meaning that 666 would be an identification system, the Social Security Number, or equivalent number in your country (SIN in Canada, Tax File number in Austrailia, Social Insurance in England, etc.), is truly your permanent identification number, the number of man. All your other numbers (address, phone, apartment, credit card, licenses, accounts) do not mark you permanently. Do you have a Number symbolically burnt upon you as a mark of ownership?

The number of mankind. Revelation 13:18 translates the Greek word anthropos into the English word man. But anthropos means all of mankind, which is not the Greek aner that would be used to indicate an individual man.

But some people claim that the number 666 must be one man’s number, and is only the number 666, and since everyone’s Social Security Number is different, they claim that therefore the SSN cannot be the Mark of the Beast.

Those of the implant or tattoo crowd will usually agree that a transponder implant or a tattoo will have a unique identifying number for each person, not just one man’s number. They point out that UPC bar code synchronization bars form the number 666.


Some people insist that 666 refers to the 666th chapter of the Bible, even though the original Bible did not have chapters, which were added to the Bible much later in history. And different faiths canonize different books.

Mainstream teaching misconstrues the forced welfare of Roman times and equates the word corban with voluntary welfare of ancient time.

A bronze figure of Apis, the Egyptian sacred Bull of sacrifice, located at Galilee is inscribed with the word ‘korban’ in 3 languages, Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Aramaic. Pagan Rome also used the word qorban for their forced contributions, because every conquered society had similar sacrifices. Although it can mean sacrifice, the meaning also includes the idea of ‘dedicated to God’, sacred, separate, a gift, and even taboo.

In the Old Testament ‘korban’ is always used in reference to Yahweh rather than the word Elohim. Leviticus. 1:2; Mark 7.11-13; Matthew. 15:5. In Matthew 27:6 it is translated as treasury.

Pilate even used those funds for public works including an aqueduct. The funds included meat, grain etc sacrificed for God but most of the offering were consumed by the people, specifically the needy.

The Hebrew word Corban comes from a root word meaning to bring closer. The system of voluntary sacrifice was intended to bring us closer to Him. To emulate Christ. To feed His sheep and teach the golden rule.

Paul repeated King David’s warning that government charity would be a snare to trap you. Romans 11:9

But forced welfare contributions (socialism) divide us and separate us from Christ, by encouraging greed and idleness among the less faithful. And nullify the word of God according to Christ himself. And after 100+ years of socialized public education, Christians became a minority in a nation their forefathers established. The lessons of our forefathers were replaced by the lessons of daddy government.

The Egyptian sacred Bull Apis represents the welfare system.

Apis is always depicted with a sun disk between his horns. And Isis, the Egyptian mother goddess is always depicted with a crown of Bull Horns with a sun disk between the horns. As we are about to see, this has a direct connection to 666 worship.


More than 150 years ago Biblical numerologist E. W. Bullinger wrote about this alliterative SSS sound in the Greek and linked it to the symbol used in ancient Egyptian worship of Isis.

He wrote:

“666 was the secret symbol of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the Devil. It is to day the secret connecting link between those ancient mysteries and their modern revival in Spiritualism, Theosophy, etc. The efforts of the great enemy are now directed towards uniting all into one great whole. The newspapers, worldly and religious, are full of schemes as to such a union. … and are signs of the coming Apostasy. During this age, “Separation” is God’s word for His people, and is the mark of Christ; while “union” and “re-union” is the mark of Antichrist.”

— Source:

ISIS is always depicted with a Bull Horn crown with a sun disk.

Ancient Egyptians venerated Isis as the mother goddess. Only she can restore the faith by restoring her dead husband Osiris, the man god. Their mythology has it that she has already found and restored all his dismembered parts except for one piece. She must now retrieve his dismembered phallus from the fish god.

She is always depicted wearing a Bull Horn crown with a sun disk.

— A “Queen of Heaven” that Jeremiah warned about in Jeremiah 7:18-19 and Jeremiah 44:17-25

E W Bullinger also wrote about a 666 as mark of ownership,

“The number 6 was stamped on the old mysteries. The great secret symbol consisted of the three letters SSS, because the letter S in the Greek alphabet was the symbol of the figure 6. … Now the word stigma (stigma), means a mark, but especially a mark made by a brand as burnt upon slaves, cattle, or soldiers, by their owners or masters; or on devotees who thus branded themselves as belonging to their gods. It is from stizw, stizo, to prick, or brand with a hot iron. Hence it came to be used of scars or wound-prints, and it is thus used by Paul of his scars, which he regarded as the tokens of his sufferings, the marks which he bore on his body for the sake of his Lord and Master, and marking him as belonging to the one who had bought him (Gal 6:17). “

— source: (and notice his mention of three sigma, which is SSS or 666, for the ancient Egyptian symbol for Isis in his footnote. Isis is worshiped by socialists as the author of forced welfare contributions)

He wrote this long before the existence of socialist programs, the Federal Reserve Bank, Income Tax or Social Security.

Question: do you have a mark of ownership (a tax authorization number*, if you will) directly related to global tax, tax, tax schemes that seem related to Bullinger’s “The efforts of the great enemy are now directed towards uniting all into one great whole. The newspapers, worldly and religious, are full of schemes as to such a union. … and are signs of the coming Apostasy.” That you were warned about in 1st Samuel 8:18 “And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day.” ?

  • which is also a wage authorization number and a banking — to buy or sell — authorization number.

Your congressman represents you. The choice was yours, you got what you asked your congressmen to provide. Pay up. Those who register to vote agree to abide by the outcome, regardless of how abhorrent.

— And don’t ignore Rehoboam’s forced welfare contributions. Corban, nullifies the word of God . Mark 7:11-13. Powerful words from Christ himself. And Rehoboam’s forced contributions divided a nation that has never recovered.

The eye atop the pyramid on the U.S. Great Seal is the eye of Horus — the once blind son of Osiris — overseeing our endeavors. Egyptian prophecy predicts a resurrected Horus ruling the world.

Welcome to your Novus Ordo Seclorum, secular new world order.

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The Citizen Cannot Complain

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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Does the United States Government really exist? Or was the Constitutional Convention forum a sham? The Constitution was signed in 1787. It was ratified in 1788.

Most people presume that the existing U.S. Government was properly created. And most people also presume that the civil servants’ chain of custody properly transferred a legit government down to us today. Join me in pondering the lies that enslave us.

The U.S. Supreme Court will never rule on the legitimacy of government. They always rule that it is a political issue to be decided politically.

New York City was the capital of the United States in 1789, when the original federal officers were sworn into office. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

New York City has a curious history in the scheme of federal oaths of office.

According to the very first Journal of the Senate, New York failed to send a senator to the senate until the others had sworn their oaths of office to questionable authorities.

An oath is always taken to a superior. An oath is taken to a foreign authority is mutiny against lawful authority. See my book on Oaths. Or read Hebrews 6:16 in your Bible.

New York still had NO Senators in the Senate when, on April 30, 1789, it came time to swear in George Washington as President. The Speaker of the House was informed by the Vice President that the oath would be administered by the Chancellor of the state of New York (even though New York was still not represented in either the House or the Senate.)

What is a Chancellor? Answer: A Chancellor represents a high authority.
But what high authority did the non-New-York Senators swear allegiance to?

  • Was the Chancellor “a Roman Catholic priest heading the office in which diocesan business is transacted and recorded.” Or was the Chancellor a representative of the King of England?
  • According to the Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition article on Chancellor, Volume V, page 833: “all petitions addressed to the king passed through his hands.”
  • According to Webster’s Dictionary first edition, “From the Roman Empire, this office passed to the church, and hence every bishop has his chancellor“.

It wasn’t until June 3, 1789 that the Senators were sworn to obey the Constitution, but New York was still absent.

It was not until July 25, 1789 that a New York Senator showed up. The second New York Senator showed up a few days later. They are not mentioned as ever swearing to obey the Constitution.

For the first 176 days of “your” federal government, New York did not participate in the Senate. New York Senators had no federal authority, even though NYC was purportedly the Capital of the United States.

By what authority?

Meanwhile over on the House side, According to the Journal of the House of Representatives:
On April 7, 1789 although New York still had NO congressman represented, the House of Representatives requested a non-federal official, the Chief Justice of the State of New York, administer the Congressmen’s oaths of office.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

To administer the oaths, the Chief Justice of New York brings with him a New York City representative and a Continental Congressman. New York state congressmen did not participate. Still NO federal authority.

On April 18 we see the names of three New York congressmen on a list of Congressmen, but none are mentioned as present or as having taken their oath of office. One of these three is mentioned later on May 9 as “appeared and took his seat”.

New York had 6 Congressman according to Article 1, section 2. The other three were also members of the Continental Congress, and are not mentioned as having appeared.

What is the possibility that The Constitutional Convention was convened under the Articles of Confederation in order to reorganize the national debt (the 18 million Lira that we borrowed but could not pay — link:
— the note that Ben Franklin signed with his British title (ESQ) for the purpose of getting enough taxing authority to satisfy the creditor?

The Constitution was constituted by constitutors. Oh my.

Today’s BIRTH REGISTRATION policy is a result of all this subversion.

Speaking of getting enough taxing authority to satisfy the creditor; SSNs for newborn children put them up as collateral for the national debt. They are owned as slaves by our creditors. Communist China is our biggest creditor.

In the next paragraph, I am going to quote a Federal Regulation that deceptively refers to the UN as if it was New York City. To understand the legal definition of the term “New York City” as it used in the Code of Federal Regulations, you must first understand that the UN has its headquarters in New York City, and that UNITED NATIONS LAW SUPERSEDES ANY FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL LAW “WITHIN THE HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT”. This is according to a federal law known as Title 22 U.S. Code section 287(d); Section 8. Apparently New York City is on UN soil.

While keeping in mind that New York City, as you know it, is not a State, and is not even the Capital of New York State, notice how federal Social Security regulations refer to New York City (the headquarters of the United Nations) as a State:

Title 20, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 111 Subpart B 422.103(b)(2): “(2) Birth registration document. SSA may enter into an agreement with officials of a State, including, for this purpose, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and New York City, to establish, as part of the official birth registration process, a procedure to assist SSA in assigning social security numbers to newborn children.”

Perhaps someone can explain the above quoted law. Tell me if I have this right: Social Security numbers have been assigned for eight decades, but now officials of the UN headquarters district can establish a new procedure to assign Social Security numbers. Hummm.

After you read my notes on birth certificates, return here and study this until you convince yourself that a birth certificate is prima facie evidence that you are, at best, a PERSON without birthrights, and at worst, property of a government. Then reread my notes on the GATT treaty requiring SSNs at birth (section 5 of my article on Social Security System, and also read section 9), originally HR5110. Birth certificates are registered, they are not recorded. Securities are registered.

If you have a welfare number you are a commodity in foreign commerce. Second Peter 2:3 (KJV) “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you. At the soon fall of Babylon merchants will weep when souls cannot be traded in international commerce. Revelation 18:10-20 (and notice the last item of verse 13).


You do not have the right to buy or sell. All domestic transactions are illegal (because you are an enemy of the state). The Secretary of the Treasury, who’s allegiance is to foreign powers, is already pre-approved to regulate your transactions according to 12 USC 95(b). Your SSN comes from this same authority. Your ID card is be issued by this same authority. The Catholic church has a legitimate claim on their property. By your own authority (signature), on a permanent irrevocable record you registered yourself into their system. This registration is somehow regulated by UN headquarters. You have a number of this authority. You cannot legally buy or sell without permission of this authority. The GATT treaty (with the EEC) requires SSNs at birth. The EEC was established at the Vatican. The National debt is owed to multinational banking cartels. These cartels were originally established by Catholic crusaders and the Knights Templar (when they were banned they became the Knights of Malta, the only non-country to have their passports recognized by the US government). Your national debt cannot be paid. Your future labor has been hypothecated as collateral for the national debt, and has been seized.

Welcome to your Novus Ordo Seclorum new world order.

Pay up.

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Steven D. Miller is a freelance writer producing informative Articles, blog posts, newsletters, web pages, case studies, white papers, reports, eBooks and high-density documentaries. He is available to offer hope to any audience that yearns to breathe free. Contact him at

How will democracy end in the United States?

Answer: In the United States, democracy must end the way democracies always end — in a violent death.

Steven Miller originally answered this question June 1, 2019 as a response to this Brookings Institution article that questioned if America’s democracy was threatened. 

  • Democracies must always fail because democracy cannot recognize individual rights.
  • Throughout history, democracies have never been sustainable.
  • The US Constitution does not mention the word democracy. The founders of the US government all agreed that democracies are “spectacles of turbulence and contention.” They are only for those who would take the risk of loosing their rights in exchange for the chance to dominate others.
  • Those who vote for public benefits will use the force of government to seize an ever increasing amount of their neighbors’ wealth.

In 1770, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, in his book Cycles of Democracy, had this comparison with the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier:

‘A democracy will continue until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.’

Frederic Bastiat in Economic Sophisms, Second Series, Chapter 1, The Physiology of Plunder, 1845:

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in a society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

James Madison, 1787, Federalist Paper #10:

Democracy is the most vile form of government … democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention: have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property: and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths. …”

Patrick Henry:

“Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men without a consequent loss of liberty! I say that the loss of that dearest privilege has ever followed, with absolute certainty, every such mad attempt.”

John Adams, 1815:

“Democracy … while it lasts is more bloody than either [aristocracy or monarchy]. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

Greek Historian Polybius, The Histories Of the Roman Republic 220-146 BC, Book 6, section 9: (link: Polybius on Governments)

“But when a new generation arises and the democracy falls into the hands of the grandchildren of its founders, they have become so accustomed to freedom and equality that they no longer value them, and begin to aim at pre-eminence; and it is chiefly those of ample fortune who fall into this error. So when they begin to lust for power and cannot attain it through themselves or their own good qualities, they ruin their estates, tempting and corrupting the people in every possible way. And hence when by their foolish thirst for reputation they have created among the masses an appetite for gifts and the habit of receiving them, democracy in its turn is abolished and changes into a rule of force and violence. For the people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others, as soon as they find a leader who is enterprising but is excluded from the houses of office by his penury, institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”

Abraham Lincoln, September 11, 1858:

“Familiarize yourself with the chains of bondage and prepare your own limbs to wear them. Accustomed to trampling on the rights of others you have lost the genius of your own independence and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among you.”

Thomas Jefferson. Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 19, 1787. In the paragraph starting at the bottom of page 290:

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition. … The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the human body. It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigour. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution.”

[Venality is the condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption. The use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. The American Heritage Dictionary]


The Constitution never allowed democracy.

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government paragraph 222:

When government officers corrupt society, the result is “to cut up the government by the roots, and poison the very fountain of public security…”

In the pure pre-democracy era of American government, the beginnings of what we now call “powers that be” or “the shadow government” or “the deep state” were allowed asylum within our borders. But we were warned to watch them very carefully.

“Our system, however, of religious liberty must afford them an asylum; but if they do not put the purity of our elections to a severe trial, it will be a wonder.”
— John Adams letter to Thomas Jefferson May 5, 1816, The Works of John Adams, Vol 10, Letters 1811-1825

IT IS ALL A LIE — THE ENTIRE U.S. DEMOCRACY SYSTEM IS A SCAM. Read my article A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE DEEP STATE IS TO NEVER WAIVE YOUR RIGHTS. For more information on how we allowed the U.S. government to trick us out of our rights read my essays at Do Not Be Fooled by Government.

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Prepare for the future inquisition. Same as the old inquisition.

Everyone can sense the upcoming chaos, inflation, civil war, forced vaccines, food shortages, jail for refusing to comply with intrusive contact tracing, AND the mandatory proof of immunity that eventually becomes permission to buy or sell.

Did you know also, that perilous times shall come? (Second Timothy 3:1) Christians face persecutions, arrest, prison, appear before authorities for Christ name’s sake.  Delivered up to be afflicted.  Delivered up to counsels.  Testify to authorities. (Luke 21:12-15, Matthew 24:9, Mark 13:9,11).

You are completely dependent on those who control the foundations* that you rely on. This is the very definition of Stockholm Syndrome.  Just like the early Christians, and today’s Amish, you will need to join a like-minded community to provide the foundations of your own making, without reliance on “the powers that be.”
* Jobs, food, healthcare, energy, banking, justice, education, travel. All these are controlled by regulations of the Powers That Be to justify their “requirement” for safety. But safety is not our heritage. 

Ben Franklin quote inscribed on a plaque in the stairwell of the Statute of Liberty:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

What can be done to delay the injustice? Answer: learn to stand up to government bullies.

  • Freedom is not Free.
  • It requires action and risk. You must stand up to bullies who will take your liberty. Letters to congressmen and public protests alone can never restore the purpose of government — Liberty and Justice for ALL.
  • It was never the the purpose of government to deny freedom to 80% of Americans who cannot afford a lawyer.

I recommend a law course for those who do not trust lawyers. If you have a lawyer — understand what he should be doing so you can control him, and know when to fire him. If you don’t have a lawyer — understand what YOU should be doing. All the basic lawyer procedures are explained in “How To Win In Court” self-help course. This is a step-by-step guide on how to win in court. It has pro se tactics, and forms for civil cases. Learn how to stand up to tyrants (even judges).
An online law course developed by a lawyer. Learn enough legal procedure to win your case. It has helped me. It might be your get out of jail card.
Liberty is what we seek.
•Liberty to run a business.
•Liberty to enjoy life.
•and even Liberty to take our own risks and suffer the consequences.

Sadly, there is no liberty or justice for ALL. The deep-state lawyers have infiltrated all branches of government so that “ALL” do not get Justice in America.
Liberty without Justice is impossible. Justice is a sacred right. Justice should not be a business.
Take the “justice business” away from lawyers once and for all. Open the courthouse doors to EVERYONE.
If you are an unfortunate victim of government overreach, I recommend this online law course. I used what I’ve learned to stop a $60,000 lawsuit by a lawyer — with a “flurry of paperwork” that exposed his lies.

Take a tour of the online law course. While you are there, look up a few legal terms, then explore the Main Menu tab at the left.  Click Here

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Steven D. Miller is a freelance writer producing informative blog posts, white papers, eBooks and high-density documentaries. He is available to offer hope to any audience that yearns to breathe free. Contact him at

Why is a centuries old U.S. Constitution still valid when things are clearly a lot different now?

Because it does not change. The U.S. Constitution is still valid because Congressmen cannot commit mutiny against their oath-of-office.

If you want a change, you will have to risk death to overthrow the government, just like Lincoln advised us. In his First Inaugural Address, he told us that whenever citizens “grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” If you don’t understand why a president would tell citizens they can overthrow government, then you have been blinded. Perhaps you should pay attention.

HERE are reasons why the Constitution CANNOT CHANGE.

Nobody who swears an oath-of-office to uphold it can deny his oath by suggesting a change. Parliamentary procedure does not legalize mutiny.

Thomas Jefferson letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823, (The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 7, Cambridge Library Collection, page 296):

“On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

The 1905 U.S. Supreme Court, South Carolina v. U.S., 199 US 437:

“The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now…”

In the 1966 famous case of Miranda v. Arizona the Supreme Court said of our rights

“And in the words of Chief Justice Marshall, they were secured “for ages to come, and . . . designed to approach immortality as nearly as human institutions can approach it,” (quoting Cohens v. Virginia, 6 Wheat. 264, 387 in 1821).

The 1901 Supreme Court in Downes v. Bidwill, 182 U.S. 244, ruled:

“It will be an evil day for American liberty if the theory of a government outside of the supreme law of the land finds lodgment in our constitutional jurisprudence. No higher duty rests upon this court than to exert its full authority to prevent all violation of the principles of the Constitution.”

The Federalist Papers are not just some antiquated editorial opinion, they are, according to the Supreme Court in Cohens v. Virginia, the exact record of the intent of the Constitution.
Cohens v. Virginia 19 U.S. (6 Wheat.) 264 at page 418:

“The opinion of the Federalist has always been considered as of great authority. It is a complete commentary on our constitution; and is appealed to by all parties in the questions to which that instrument has given birth. Its intrinsic merit entitles it to this high rank; and the part two of its authors performed in framing the constitution, put it very much in their power to explain the views with which it was framed. These essays having been published while the constitution was before the nation for adoption or rejection, and having been written in answer to objections founded entirely on the extent of its powers, and on its diminution of State sovereignty, are entitled to the more consideration where they frankly avow that the power objected to is given, and defend it.”

The U.S. Supreme Court, Byars v. U.S., 273 US 28 (1927) repeating their earlier decision in Boyd.

“…and it is the duty of the courts to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon.”

The U.S. Supreme Court, Headliner note to Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. 264

“The Supreme Court will construe provisions of Constitution which appear to be repugnant, so as to preserve the true intent and meaning of the Constitution… “

The U.S. Supreme Court, Boyd v. United States, 116 US 616, Page 635

“illegitimate and unconstitutional practices get their first footing in that way, namely, by silent approaches and slight deviations from legal modes of procedure. It is the duty of courts to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the citizen, and against any stealthy encroachment thereon. “

The U.S. Supreme Court, Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 page 442

“An Unconstitutional Act is not law; it confers no rights: it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

The U.S. Supreme Court, Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 page 491

“Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”

The U.S. Supreme Court, Marbury vs. Madison. 5 US 137: All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void

U.S. Supreme Court in Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 469-471:

“In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

DO NOT BE FOOLED. The U.S. Constitution is still valid.

Amendments cannot change the Constitution. They can only add to the Constitution. Article 5 allows amendment TO, but never an amendment OF the Constitution.

Do not be fooled by the 21st Amendment cancelling the 18th Amendment.

REAL amendments cannot change. REAL amendments are automatically the Supreme Law of the Land that judges in every state are bound thereby — Article 6, second paragraph.

The 18th Amendment section 2: “The Congress and the several States shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”. It was one of those Martial Law Amendments that is forced on States even if it is contrary to State Constitutions.

The eight Martial Law Amendments (13,14,15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26) all state that the Congress enforces them (even if the states don’t like it). Read more about the Martial Law Amendments Here.

The 18th Amendment was not an amendment that is automatically the Supreme Law of the Land. It was forced on the states after the 17th Amendment abandoned all hope of States controlling the Federal government that they created.

U.S. Constitution is still valid.

Steven Miller · originally answered March 27, 2019

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Your rights will continue to disappear if you do nothing.

If you don’t learn how to stand up to the beast, you will soon need another mark to buy or sell. This was mentioned by Bill Gates: “So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up”. 

Learn to stand up to the beast before it is too late.

I recommend an online law course. While you are there, look up a few legal terms, then explore the Main Menu tab at the left.  Click Here

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Steven D. Miller is a freelance writer producing informative blog posts, white papers, eBooks and high-density documentaries. He is available to offer hope to any audience that yearns to breathe free. Contact him at

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government published in 1690 became the basis for the U.S. Declaration of Independence. If you want to understand the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Nature’s God, then start with John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government.

The law of nature requires us to supervise our civil servants, and if they fail to enforce the divine law of nature, we are restored to the nature that we were in prior to creating government, for we are all equal. See Locke’s Second Treatise paragraphs 135, 149, 171, 209. After all, every law dictionary will tell you Legibus sumptis desinentibus, lege naturae utendum est. When laws imposed by the state fail, we must resort to the laws of nature.

John Locke's Second Treatise was the basis for the Declaration of Independence

John Locke’s Second Treatise Of Government has as his last chapter, the topic of Dissolution of Government. The suggestion that government would not obey the laws would be “politics inconceivable to human capacity, and inconsistent with human society.”
— If this doesn’t describe your Land of the Free, find out why.

John Locke said in paragraph 57: “for nobody can be under a law, which is not promulgated to him” and later in paragraph 73 when children become 21 years old they can choose which government to place themselves under…
— If this doesn’t describe your Land of the Free, find out why.

By accepting welfare (such as public schooling or even Social Security) you might just be waiving almost all your rights. Locke questioned in his Second Treatise of Government Chapter 15 “For what compact [contract] can be made with a man that is not master of his own life?” It is no wonder a judge wants you to be represented by competent counsel. It is presumed that you are insane if you expect to have rights while also availing yourself of the benefits of being a ward of the state.

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government:

166 “…it is impossible anybody in the society should ever have a right to do the people harm.”

149: “the community perpetually retains a supreme power of saving themselves from the attempts and designs of anybody, even of their legislators, whenever they be so foolish or so wicked as to lay and carry on designs against the liberties and properties of the subject.”

227: when “legislators act contrary to the end for which they were constituted, those who are guilty are guilty of rebellion. … [by] introducing a power which the people hath not authorised, actually introduce a state of war, which is that of force without authority; … And.. legislators themselves… who were set up for the protections and preservation of the people, their liberties and properties… [put] themselves into a state of war with those who made them the protectors and guardians of their peace, are … with the greatest aggravation, rebellantes, rebels.”

222 “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their [lives, liberty and] property …. it can never be supposed to be the will of the society that the legislative should have a power to destroy that which every one designs to secure by entering into society, and for which the people submitted themselves to legislators of their own making; whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the [lives, liberty and] property of the people,… … they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, … Whensoever, therefore, the legislative shall transgress this fundamental rule of society, and …grasp …or put into the hands of any other, an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people, by this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people [to] provide for their own safety and security, which is the end for which they are in society…. [this] holds true also concerning the [executive branch], who having a double trust put in him… acts also contrary to his trust when he employs the force, treasury, and offices of the society to corrupt… cut up the government by the roots, and poison the very fountain of public security… ”

233 “Must the people then always lay themselves open to the cruelty and rage of tyranny? Must they see their cities pillaged, and laid in ashes, their wives and children exposed to the tyrant’s lust and fury, and themselves and families reduced by their king to ruin, and all the miseries of want and oppression, and yet sit still? Must men alone be debarred the common privilege of opposing force with force, which nature allows so freely to all other creatures for their preservation from injury? I answer: Self-defence is a part of the law of nature; nor can it be denied the community, even against the king himself”

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Your rights will continue to disappear if you do nothing.

If you don’t learn how to stand up to the beast, you will soon need another mark to buy or sell. This was mentioned by Bill Gates: “So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up”. 

Learn to stand up to the beast before it is too late.

I recommend an online law course. While you are there, look up a few legal terms, then explore the Main Menu tab at the left.  Click Here

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Steven D. Miller is a freelance writer producing informative blog posts, white papers, eBooks and high-density documentaries. He is available to offer hope to any audience that yearns to breathe free. Contact him at

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