I help people who yearn to breathe free.
I recommend that the first step to breathe free is to get the government boot off of your head before the swamp rises.
I do not give legal advice to people who have consented to be governed.  But I can expose the deceptions.

Contact information:

Steven Miller
P.O. Box 1708
Silverdale, Washington

Basic rates:
Phone Consultation

15 minute phone consult — free…
After that, each one-half hour of phone consultation — $30

Letter writing

Send me an email describing your situation, attach any document scans that you want me to consider.  And attach a proposed draft of a letter that you want to write.  Call me and we will discuss it for 15 minutes — free.  Thereafter $30 per half-hour.

Lifestyle coach

— $30 per half-hour.
Emancipation is difficult.  Life without a SSN is hard.  Freedom is only for those who make the decision to live free or die.  Make sure you want the red pill before taking it.  All I am offering is the truth.  As was most eloquently stated by Patrick Henry in his famous We Must Fight speech of March 23, 1775 “I know not what course others may take, but as for me give me Liberty, or give me death.”

Truth telling  — Free

After you have spent $3000 trying to find a lawyer who could tell you the truth, I will send you basic fundamental truths for free.  Call or email me.

Exhausting Administrative Remedies

—  read your State’s Administrative Procedures Act before calling me.  Confronting the bullies is often effective enough to stop them.

Hire without SSN

If you are an employer who wants to hire someone who has never has a SSN

— I can help you and your future employee establish an administrative record of conflicting regulations.  Do this before you ask for official help on how to resolve conflicting requirements.   All my advice for this effort is free.

Rescission of prior contracts

— there are plenty of rescission packages out there.  I don’t deal with any of them. Find a local paralegal to help you.


1. Responding to Judicial process — search your State’s Constitution for the words “style of process”.  If you were served papers without the mandatory words required by your State’s Constitution, then you are being dragged into a non-judicial court.  Wise up.

2. Proposed Jury Instructions are due several days before trial.  Read your State’s rules.

3.  Your government was instituted among men to secure the blessings of liberty.