Here are some unsolicited testimonials.
I’ve taken the liberty to edit a few of them to improve grammar and explain the context of their feedback.

P.B, Houston:

Dear Mr. Miller, I’m writing just to say thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed and coherent information to the public. Just over the last year I have become aware of the state of the things, and my thirst for information has been unquenchable. Your website provides what I think is the most clear and intelligent description of how we have effectively been made slaves, and so I have already learned a great deal from you. Although I don’t know you, I have an urge to tell you a personal story, and I hope you don’t mind. My grandmother had a brother who was by all accounts extremely intelligent and well-spoken. He was a successful doctor who apparently became very absorbed with the topic of taxation, the Federal Reserve, etc. Apparently, he began protesting income tax and eventually stopped paying them. He was even organizing people in his community to do the same. I wish I knew all the details, …  I never knew him, but I can’t help but think that he was exactly right about everything. Anyway, I’m sorry for rambling on about my personal life but I think he would have loved your website, and I now have a deep respect for him that I didn’t have before. I’m at the point now where I feel like I have a good grasp on what has happened and the situation we are in, but I’m not sure where to go from here. I want to fight and do something about it, but I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to go down a potentially dangerous and destructive path, and so I will continue to pay my taxes like a good slave, but I do feel like it gets more difficult to accept that reality as time passes. If you have any advice or words of wisdom, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, thanks for your contribution, I’ve signed up for the newsletter and I look forward to reading more! “

Steve L, Seattle, responding to my answer to a previous question:

Thank you for the clarifications!
If only there were more people like you! “

Jerry R, [IP address from Germany], responding to my post on marriage redefinitions:

Steve, Thanks.
I love most of your articles, this one and others are spot on.
Keep up the good work, we are in the war for our life and our families. “

Bruce P, New Jersey, responding to my essay on Marriage:

Your essay is well written and helps me with sound thoughts on my problems with the wife who is divorced from me. I’ve thought for a long time about the Lawful side, and rejoiced after reading, more than once, all that you put together. Thank you! “

EM, California

Mr. Miller,
Is there no hope for the situation we find ourselves in, or is there a path we can take towards freedom from the bondage we find ourselves in? Any information in that direction is appreciated.

A. Smith, Seattle: “Good Info!”

Here are some emails expressing frustration with legalities they do not understand:

If one’s rights are endowed by our Creator, how an they be “lost” by trivial actions such as signing some government form? Seems to me there is a difference between divine rights and legal rights.”

You say we have all surrendered our freedoms. To maintain our freedom must we engage in a perpetual civil disobedience, constantly breaking laws and being punished accordingly? How can we live our lives comfortably and prosperously while keeping up such a campaign? How can we realize our dreams with such a burden? For example, I suppose you would say no one should go in and get a drivers license because that signs away your freedom. But then you can’t risk driving anymore and you have to forgo your dream,… or support your family….”

I read all your stuff and I wonder how to harness you for the fight, but I’m not sure you want to be harnessed. Your material is great and seems bona fide but you lace it with conspiracy theory stuff that is suspect in my opinion. You introduce intriguing ideas, … then leave us hanging.”

For me there is only one yardstick to our success: awakening the love of liberty that is dormant in most people. I think you are helping people wake up.”