Intake Questionnaire

Intake Questionnaire

1. Tell me about your business

What do you sell or offer?

2. What’s the main business purpose of this particular project?

How do you hope to boost business through this project?
What is the central theme of the promotion?
What free reports/premiums are being offered?
What bonuses, guarantees, promises are you offering to your audience?
Why does this offered product or service exist?

What are the objectives of this campaign?

  • Clicks to website
  • send people to website for a specific action
  • view a post
  • get page likes
  • install app
  • engage in objective
  • reach local customers
  • raise attendance in event
  • get your offer
  • view a video

3. Who’s your typical customer/buyer?

Buyer demographics, lifestyle, awareness of the company, etc.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve been having with your marketing or copy?

What problem you can solve with my copywriting?

If the project is related to a website, blog, or other online communication, I want to review it online so I can ask follow-up or clarifying questions based on what I see.

5. What’s working now, and what frustrates you about your marketing/content?

I need clues that help me consider how I’ll propose to fix the “broken” aspects.

6. What’s the competition for this product or service, and how are you different/better?

How do you stand apart from the competition?

7. Who else is involved with this project for approvals, implementation?

Who makes the decisions and who creates the materials I’ll be working on? Who is my contact during development? To whom do I submit the final product?
What testimonials or experts should I interview?

8. What time frame are you working with?

I need to know if your expectations are realistic.

What are the deadlines?

9. Do you have a budget range in mind for this project?

I might need to explain my rates and how I’ll customize them based on the conversation and scope of work.
What are the deliverables?

10. “Have we covered everything I need to know?”

I may need more information.