Court cases requiring people to get an SSN

There are plenty of court cases forcing people to divulge their SSN.

Only six people were forced by federal courts to get an SSN.  They were all receiving welfare.

Bowen v Roy 476 US 693 — the only Supreme Court case, concerns SSN for a child
Callahan v Woods 479 FSupp 621
Callahan v Woods 736 F2d 1269
Callahan v Woods reversed 658 F2d 679
Chambers v Klein 419 FSupp 569
Doe v Sharp & Califano 491 FSupp 346
Green v Philbrook 427 FSupp 834 reversed
Green v Philbrook 576 F2d 440
Greidinger v Davis 988 F2d 1344
McElrath v Califano 615 F2d 434
Stevens v Berger 428 FSupp 896
third Callahan case 736 F2d 1269 — SSN for children

Do not be fooled. A right cannot be taxed. Nobody is subject to a law not promulgated to him. Indirect tax is levied without apportionment for the exercise of a revenue taxable activity. Only federal persons (those who exercise a federal Privilege as well as those who voluntarily get an SSN) and federally regulated employers (those who voluntarily get an EIN).