Social Security is NOT insurance

Don’t be fooled by the misnamed FICA.

Socialism is NOT security. SS is just like Obamacare which the Supreme Court determined was “valid as a tax” but not for benefits. Once you get a SSN you are liable for “Social Security and other taxes”. This tax requirement is in both the Internal Revenue Code and the SS Act.

Congressional development of the Social Security Act presented many problems. They wanted to call it ‘insurance‘ even though it was not insurance.

“The President wanted everybody covered for every contingency in life—’cradle to the grave,’ he called it—under the social insurance system… But the Government of the United States is not an insurance company. And so it could be done.”
— Forward by Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor 1933-45, The Development of the Social Security Act by Edwin E. Witte, 1962, Library of Congress No. 62-9264.
— Edwin Witte was the director of FDR’s Commitee on Economic Security. He had to find a way to make Social Security legal.

On page 936 through page 946 of the Ways and Means hearings, an originator of Social Security, Edwin Witte, stated that Social Security was “sold as if it were insurance” and that was a mistake and should not have been published as such. So it wasn’t until 1953 that an originator of the Act admitted that it is not insurance.

“AS IF IT WERE insurance” IS NOT insurance.

Socialism cannot recognize individual rights.