The Buck Act extends federal jurisdiction to anyone receiving a federal benefit

The Buck Act extends federal jurisdiction to anyone receiving a federal benefit, regardless of where they are in the world. Government has a right to regulate what they fund. Only two countries tax their people in foreign lands, the USA and Eritrea.

You agreed, with a perjury oath signature, to be collateral to creditors for the national debt. The Buck Act (Title 4 U.S. Code, sections 104 to 113) extends federal jurisdiction to anyone receiving federal benefits. How can you deny this allegiance to the foreign benefactors that now exercise authority over you?

The courts have ruled that the Buck Act defines “an individual entity” as franchised persons of government. Springfield v. Kenny, 104 N.E.2d 65 and Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox 298 U.S. 193.

Social Security and welfare and other benefits of a federal covering (such as bankruptcy protections so you can escape responsibility) are available only to federal 14th Amendment citizens. Whereas State Citizens are subject to only three federal laws. The three crimes mentioned in the Constitution, “and no other crimes whatever”.

Social Security benefits are not available to state citizens. A state Citizen cannot obtain a Social Security Number without first obtaining a dual citizenship acknowledged by your federal government. By getting a number, you change your citizenship. By registering for the benefits available only to enfranchised persons, you become an enfranchised person. Only those persons receiving government benefits are required to have a social security number. No one else has ever been required to get a SSN unless they receive federal benefits. Even aliens after 1973 get a number, because immigration became a benefit.

A State Citizen is alien to the federal government, and subject to only three federal laws. He cannot have federal protections of the first eight amendments, he cannot declare bankruptcy.

A 14th amendment citizen is subject to federal laws.  He is citizen within the federal government.  The federal congress does not make State laws, but judges in every state shall be bound to control 14th amendment citizens in federal legislative tribunals, using federal funds appropriated for this purpose.