the Martial Law amendments

After the Civil War, and continuing up to today, there is a declared national emergency which gives the federal government complete control over federal things in order to keep itself in power. But federal laws do not apply to people in the States, unless they volunteer. You volunteered. Later lessons will explain this limited authority.

There are four levels of Martial Law: Military law, Military government, martial law proper, and martial law rule.
(see U.S. Supreme Court Luther v. Borden, 48 US 1, for the first three, then martial law rule was necessary for the 8 Amendments that require federal Congress to enforce — because they are contrary to State constitutions).

The Martial Law amendments and the laws made pursuant thereto, are enforced by the federal congress in legislative tribunals NOT judicial courts. In the Constitution, legislative tribunals are constituted (Article 1, section 8), whereas judicial courts are established (Article 3, section 1). Don’t be confused just because the tribunals call themselves “courts”.

These Legislative Tribunals are established for the eight articles in amendment to the U.S. Constitution that require Congress to enforce. Amendments 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26. These eight amendments exist only under Martial Law Rule.

Article 6 section 2 of the Supreme Law of the Land requires judges in every state to be bound thereby. State judges must enforce federal martial law rules in legislative tribunals (including federal laws that apply to federal citizens, and aliens). You are an Alien. When you appeal to any judicial court (state or federal), they will find that the legislative tribunal did what they were constituted to do.