you changed your citizenship 

Go down to your local law library. Find the U.S. Laws (U.S. Code, NOT the Code of Federal Regulations), go to the index of all U.S. laws.

Here is a copy I made: aliens pay income tax.pdf (

Look up:
Aliens, income tax
Citizens, income tax
Income tax, aliens
Income tax, citizens

Then tell me if you changed your citizenship.

Hint: Even the Articles of Confederation tell us that those who are supported at public expense cannot have the rights of Citizens.

In his book Judicial Tyranny and Your Income Tax, tax attorney Jeffrey Dickstein included the transcript of the tax trial US v. Carl Beery, Case A87-43CR Vol. III transcript. On page 296 of the book, you will read where the IRS claims, in court, that

“an individual is somebody with a social security number.”

In another lesson I wll show you that the IRS only recognizes 14th Amendment citizens.

Who is a citizen? The IRS uses the same definition of the 14th Amendment.