You waived your rights

Freedom only comes with Responsibilities. You didn’t want responsibility. You wanted federal benefits. Like Esau, you sold your birthright for a bowl of stew.

Summary so far.

You cannot be a ward of government and still claim to have rights.

You waived your rights, for many reasons. Including your right to earn wages, and your right to liberty.

You never qualified for federal welfare OR a Social Security Number. You can qualify only when you are near death and people refuse to give you a necessity of life.
You have no right to be a parasite on society. By applying for a Social Security Number, you confessed that you cannot manage your own affairs. By applying for federal benefit (such as a Social Security Number) The Expatriation Act finally and permanently disavowed your State allegiance.

Voluntary servitude is allowed by the 13th Amendment.

Ignorantia juris quod quisque tenetur scire, neminem excusat. Ignorance of a law, which every one is bound to know, excuses no man. There is no need for “informed consent.”

Voluntary servitude is still constitutional. The admissible proof of your voluntary consent to be governed is on every federal form you signed under penalty of perjury.

Estopple prevents you from holding two mutually-exclusive positions. You cannot claim to be a ward of government and also demand how they will take care of you. You gave them explicit procuration. There is no cure (prescription) for procuration, Procurationem adversus nulla est proæscriptio..

Protection draws subjection. Protectio trahit subjectionem.

“The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freedman to his original slavery” Libertinum ingratum leges civiles in pristinam servitutem redigunt.

The received-law-of-the-land includes this maxim: “a state of dependence will inevitably oblige the inferior to take the will of him, on whom he depends, as the rule of his conduct”

The received-law-of-the-land (and included in the Articles of Confederation) denies to paupers (supported by public funds) the privileges of citizens.

Masters provide for their servants. Whereas those who inherited a government have a duty to support their (civil) servants. In 1897 President Grover Cleveland wrote “The lesson should be constantly enforced that though the people should support the government, the government should not support the people.”

You created a constructive contract that is enforcable in any court.

Contracts require consideration. The benefit of your constructive contract, however small, is consideration of the contract. In the Bible, this is why Abraham would not take a shoelace from government, Genesis 14:23.

Here is a partial definition of consideration from Black’s Law Dictionary. Pay attention to the “however small”.
consideration definition

“No one can unjustly enrich himself at the expense of others” (this creates a constructive contract that courts enforce). Also look up “constructive fraud”. If you receive benefits from any program funded in part with federal funds then you are subject to federal laws. You are a 14th Amendment citizen You are a 14th Amendment citizen receiving the benefits of Martial Law Rule. Social Security is funded by federal funds, not by your funds. Nowhere in the Social Security Act do any SS funds come from you. It is a tax on 14th Amendment citizens. Here is the IRS definition from the introduction to their regulations.

Who is a citizen? The IRS uses the same definition of the 14th Amendment.

Silence implies consent.

Pacta servanta sunt, agreements must be kept.

Like Esau, you sold your birthright for a future bowl of stew. Your Bible tells us twice that God hated Esau (Romans 9:13, Malachi 1:3). Your consent does not need to be informed consent because you are required to know the Laws of Nature’s God, just like Eve was required to know it (she was sentenced to death for accepting a benefit).

Constructive conversion. By participating in a benefit scheme (food stamps, unemployment benefits, Social Security, safety protections, bankruptcy protection, licensing, etc) you agreed that they can convert your rights.

Voluntary Servitude. Even getting a passport is proof of allegiance.
Applying for a passport presumes an oath of Allegiance. Title 22 US Code section 6-212:
“No passport shall be granted or issued to or verified for any other persons than those owing allegiance, whether citizens or not, to the United States”

Voluntary servitude has been with us since Biblical days.

Coactus volui, Tamen volui. The U.S. Civil Law is the ancient Roman Law. The lawyers agree that you can be forced to volunteer.

And even the Amish lose their right to religious liberty (and their right to be paid in full for their labor) if they have a SSN. The United States Supreme Court in U.S. v. Lee, 455 U.S. 252 (1982) said that the Amish employees of an Amish farmer have lost their religious liberty. (even though they are exempt from Social Security).