oaths cover 200 x 300— Christ told us not to swear at all.
— Americans hold the truth that all men are created equal. But an oath, like a salute, is only given to superiors. Swearing is a confession that you are no longer equal.
— Oaths are always religious rituals invoking the authority of a deity. Just who are the gods that you now worship?
— Can a perjury oath signature be any different?

From the time of Christ’s command to never swear, up to the 1650s when Quakers were executed in Massachusetts, people would rather suffer painful executions than to swear oaths. This book is for those who suspect that Christianity has not changed.

If you want to understand the legalities that ensnared you, this book is for you.   But if you are comfortable signing government forms under penalty of perjury, this book is not for you. If you are not careful, what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and the smoke of your torment shall rise forever and ever in the presence of the Lamb.

Christ delivered us from Roman oppression, but you returned to this vomit. Humanity’s  struggle against Roman oppression is near an end. Men are created equal, but you surrendered when you raised your hand to surrender.  You surrendered when you signed a perjury oath signature on a government form. You surrendered when you sought a (Roman) notary public to attest that you are their inferior.

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