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The Coronavirus shutdown is destroying families, forcing foreclosures, evicting tenants, preventing people from paying their bills, and exposing them to legal attack! Lawyers are jumping on this opportunity to take advantage of people who can’t afford a lawyer. 4 out of 5 people need what this course offers, yet only a handful know this course exists. is easy to remember and easy to find, if you tell them about it. When you are talking with others in legal trouble, urge them to get this course so they can protect themselves and their families from lawyers who will destroy them if they don’t know what this course makes easy to learn.

  • Are you angry about the judicial system?
  • Are you mad at a judge that would not allow your proof of innocence? 
  • Are you mad that cops and prosecutors were allowed to lie to the judge?

If you are an unfortunate victim of government overreach, I recommend an online law course written by a lawyer with 32 years experience. “How To Win In Court” self-help course”. Learn the procedures and practices that run American courts. If you do not know how to defend your rights in their courts, you will lose. If you don’t know how to control the judge, you will lose.  For less cost than one hour with a lawyer, you can gain enough knowledge to fight your own battles. 

I have used this knowledge to fight off a lying lawyer who was suing my son for $60,000. I used a flurry of paperwork and a few hours of prep work. 

To win your court case you must know how to do these things:
•Draft proper pleadings with all fact elements
•Obtain necessary evidence before trial
•Make effective oral motions
•Draft effective written motions
•Use online legal research
•Draft compelling memoranda
•Insure a written record of all proceedings
•Object promptly to all errors of opponent
•Object promptly to all errors of judge
•Renew objections to all un-cured errors of judge
•Keep your opponent’s evidence out
•Get your evidence in
•Stop opponent from proposing false orders
•Offer to draft all orders
•Stop opponent’s lawyer from testifying
•… and much more … !

You risk losing if you don’t know how to do these things.

Learning how to do these things is easy.

This “How to Win in Court” course makes it easy to learn how with sample forms and simplified step-by-step explanations.

Take a tour of the “How To Win In Court” self-help course”.  

Why Pro Se Litigants Have a Hard Time. 

Whether it’s the high cost of lawyers’ fees or growing distrust of lawyers, there is a mounting trend these days for more people to fight without a lawyer.
Reliable surveys report 4 out of 5 cannot afford a lawyer.
Most people don’t trust lawyers.
Yet ½ of all court proceedings involve at least one pro se party.
Too many pro se people lose … needlessly!
Ever wonder why you were never taught anything about court procedure or the rules of evidence in your tax-supported schools?
Who benefits from your legal ignorance?
You guessed it.
People using this course are winning without a lawyer!
You can, too!
This course shows how with sample forms and simplified explanations.
Learn How to Win!

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