Revenue Taxable Activity


Except for federal employees, there is no unapportioned direct tax on labor. YOU failed to follow the law. YOU signed your 1040 form under penalty of perjury stating that you knew what you were doing. Since you signed under penalty of perjury they can rely upon your signature in court as proof that you knew you were liable for a tax on your wages.

To comply with the law, they had to assign to YOU an arbitrary revenue taxable activity.  They expected that you would eventually comply with the law and file a foreign earned income statement to report your Revenue Taxable Activity for the indirect excise tax that you unknowingly agreed that you are liable for.  Now go compare the OMB number on IRS Form 1040 and IRS Form 2555. Both forms are required by the same phrase in a regulation. Here is a list of the 127 phrases in IRS regulations that are assigned this same OMB number.

The Internal Revenue Service Form 720 is used to enter into their computers the excise tax codes (Internal Revenue Manual 6209 ADP Manual, IMF Filing Requirements, Codes, 13, Excise, Form 720).  The IRS gets some temporary seasonal worker to assign arbitrary number from a list of numbers to new first-time taxpayers. You were most likely assigned one of these activity codes:

530 F&S Policies issued by Foreign insurers
531 Obligations not in registered form
532 Mfgrs. Pistols and Revolvers
533 Mfgrs. Trucks, Buses, Chassis and Body
534 Mfgrs. Other Auto Chassis
536 Mfgrs. Underground Coal Mines 50 cents
537 Mfgrs. Underground Coal Mines 2% *
538 Mfgrs. Surface Coal Mines 25 cents
539 Mfgrs. Surface Coal Mines 2%
540 Mfgrs. Automobile Gas Guzzler
541 Mfgrs. Fishing Equipment
544 Mfgrs. Bows and Arrows
546 Mfgrs. Firearms
548 Mfgrs. Truck Parts and Accessories
549 Mfgrs. Cartridges and Shells

* NOTE: this is the one they assigned to me. Unknown to me, the IRS considered my 1040 reported wages to be profit derived from “my” revenue taxable coal mine in the Virgin Islands.  Excise tax can be seized “from any source derived” according to the 16th Amendment. Depleting the mineral resources of the United States is a revenue taxable activity.  It is not an unapportioned direct tax on me.