The Citizen Cannot Complain

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Why have Americans lost “the rights of all mankind”?
Answer: Rights have responsibilities. Those who evade their responsibilities lose their rights.
People who are otherwise responsible are cunningly deceived into waiving their rights. They become snared into waiving their God-given rights by submitting to legalities that they did not understand.  Often they submit out of respect for what only appears to be law.
Once the citizen waives his rights, he has no right to complain; he must suffer the consequences of his actions.

After the 14th Amendment had forced a dual citizenship on those who accept federal benefits, the United States Supreme Court determined in 1875 that: “The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.”

Since then politicians have learned to entice their created-equal constituents into becoming subjects. All that was necessary for a citizen to become inferior to their former equals was to voluntarily submit to such a form of government. This scheme eventually evolved into the massive government system of enslavement that you see around you.

You acquiesced. You surrendered. You consented to be governed. You have no right to complain. Resistance is futile.

Those who evade their responsibilities lose their rights. You did not want responsibilities.
American’s once had “the rights of all mankind.” But you didn’t want these rights.
This is a book about consequences. This book will show you what you have done.

You had a duty to avoid deception just like Adam and Eve had a duty to avoid deception, but your sin (Greed, avarice, pride, lust, envy, and sloth) has entangled you into legalities that you didn’t understand.

Maxims of ancient Roman law are still enforced in today’s courts:
–The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freedman to his original slavery. Libertinum ingratum leges civiles in pristinam servitutem redigunt.
–Ignorance of a law, which everyone is bound to know, excuses no man. Ignorantia juris quod quisque tenetur scire, neminem excusat.
–He who receives the benefit should also bear the burden. Qui sentit commodum sentire debet et onus.
–To him consenting no injury is done. Volenti non fit injuria
–All men are either freemen or slaves. Omnes hominess aut liberi sunt aut servi.
–It is not just that anyone should be enriched by the detriment of others. æquum est neminem cum alterius detrimento fieri locupletiorem.
–He has invited what has come, and he must accept it. Ex dolo malo non oritur actio.

Your congressman, on your authority, and in your behalf, borrowed money to give you what you wanted.  So pay your debt to society. Your fair share of the National Debt is $268,000. Your fair share of the amount your Congressman borrowed from Social Security, Medicare, and government pensions is almost two million dollars. This debt excludes State and Local government debt. Don’t complain. Pay up.

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