Unconstitutional government?

You have no right to complain about corrupt government that gets away with what you falsely believe are “unconstitutional” activities.

Socialism cannot recognize individual rights. You cannot complain about forced redistribution of wealth because you are a card carrying socialist. Even the Supreme Court, four times, ruled “The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.”

You agreed to participate in a wealth redistribution “program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds” * You cannot complain that your seized/taxed wealth is redistributed against your will.

You wanted government to force others to pay for your old age, pay food stamps and unemployment benefits, old age benefits, health care, and educate your children. You approved of tax seizures of homes, forceable evictions, wage garnishments, asset forfeiture, etc. in order to live more comfortably at your neighbors’ expense. And now you complain that there are no individual rights.

Rights only come with responsibilities. Every Law Dictionary will tell you “The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freedman to his original slavery” Libertinum ingratum leges civiles in pristinam servitutem redigunt. And you seem surprised that you are a slave to unseen masters. If you complain, a judge will set you straight.

You are a hypocrite.
Estopple prevents you from any formal redress of grievance.

The reason that you were fooled out of your basic rights, is because Satan knows God’s laws, and you don’t. Eve was fooled out of her rights by deception. She received the death penalty. Esau was fooled out of his birthright. God hated Esau.

The Bar Association (daughter of the British Bar Association, descendent of the Knights Templar) fooled you out of your rights by all deceivableness of delusion. God sent you strong delusion that you might believe their lie.

They “exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.”

*The Social Security Act, Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II), requires applicants for Social Security Numbers to be an “applicant for or recipient of benefits under any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds”


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