Why is it that social security cards cannot be laminated?

Along with checks and other instruments, all items in commerce cannot be laminated either.  They must remain paper that can be endorsed by each party that has custody of the instrument.

The patent number for the social security card (patent number 1,904,650) refers to a carefully worded technique involving a manifold web with permanently retained record and transfer strips.

WHY WOULD SIMPLE CARDS NEED THEIR OWN PATENT? If you were a suspicious skeptic, like me, you could find legal definitions:

  • manifold = having many sides or phases, multiplied
  • web = a tangle, as the web of life; a trap, as a spider’s web; to cover with a web; entangle
  • record = a written account of an instrument, drawn up under authority of law, by a proper officer, and designed to remain as a memorial or permanent evidence of the matters to which it relates
  • transfer = removal from one place to another, conveyance of property from one owner to another; to convey to another as property; an act of the law by which title to property is conveyed from one person to another

The patent class is 462/2, which also includes the “federal drug testing custody and control form (CCF)”

As with other debt instruments in Commercial Law, perhaps you have a custodian, and remain as colleterial for the National Debt.  After all, the Constitution was constituted by constitutors.

Black’s Law Dictionary definition of Constitutor

If you want to know why the U.S. Constitution had to transfer the responsibility for Ben Franklin’s war debt, read my essay on CIVICS.

If you want to know how you became responsible for paying the National Debt, read my book The Citizen Cannot Complain.

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