Global Domination Part 2

Global Domination Part 2
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Columbus’ voyage was funded by Catholics. For a very specific purpose.

  • The Vatican’s 1452 Doctrine of Discovery required explorers who discover new lands “… to capture, vanquish and subdue the Sarccens, pagans and other enemies of Christ to take all their possessions and property and to put them into perpetual slavery.”


Do you have any possessions or property or are you just a legal owner? By 2030 you will own nothing.
Notice that “the title may actually carry no rights to the property.”

Their terminology “legal owner” did not show up in Black’s Law Dictionary until the 1979 edition. Notice that “the title may actually carry no rights to the property.”

Are you in perpetual slavery? As far as government knows, you paid your lifetime of taxes as an alien. You found out in the lesson you changed your citizenship

  • 1492 Columbus claimed the New World for the pope.
  • In Papal Bull of September 26, 1493 entitled “Dudum Siquidem” Pope Alexander VI extended Spain’s rights to the New World. Spain’s rights come from the Pope. Columbus’ Book of Privileges written in 1502 before his final voyage, a copy of which is in the U.S. National Archives, has a transcription of this Papal Bull.
  • The Catholics then settled Maryland as a Catholic colony for English Catholics. Lord Baltimore, whose father was the Secretary of State to Charles I, founded Maryland. His property in the 1663 property records is titled to “Rome”. This information was in earlier editions of the Catholic Encyclopedia under the article on John Carroll, but it was deleted from the 1967 edition to keep you from knowing that Washington D.C. was built on property titled to Rome.
  • The U.S. Constitution Article 1, section 8 uses the word “cession” to refer to the future District of Columbia. Cession is NOT the word “ceded”. Cession, in ecclesiastical law means, “… vacating a benefice without proper dispensation.” And just in case you were afraid to ask: The word “Benefice” is defined as “A term derived from the feudal law, in which it signified a permanent … estate held by feudal tenure.” Maryland is the Catholic’s State. If the Pope did not vacate the benefice known as the District of Columbia, then the Pope still has a legitimate claim to this permanent estate held by feudal tenure, and all property attached to it, and all future income from that property.
    YOU are that property. If Maryland kept Washington DC from freeing the slaves in 1850, then don’t expect to become free anytime soon.

The current Maryland State constitution does not define its’ boarders. The District of Columbia is still on Maryland soil. It is your plantation. You are a resident. Residents cannot have the rights of citizens. [See attached Vattel’s residents, chapter 19] This has never changed.  “residents are aliens who do not enjoy the rights of citizenship.”

Black’s Law Dictionary, first edition (published in 1891 long after the 14th Amendment) gives the definition of Resident:

“RESIDENT: A tenant, who was obliged to reside on his lord’s land, and not depart from the same, a resident may not be entitled to all the privileges or subject to all the duties of an inhabitant. 9 Wend. 11.”

Do not think that this has changed.  You changed.  You forfeited your citizenship.

Maryland kept Washington DC from freeing the slaves in 1850. See Maryland archives Volume 102, Volume 1, Debates 660 at
The original charter of Maryland, and also see

If Maryland can keep the District of Columbia from freeing slaves, then, they can do it now.

Welcome to your Novus Ordo Seclorum.