What are an ex wife’s rights to retrieve belongings?

Under the U.S. Constitution, a wife had no legal rights. A wife’s rights did not come from government. Her covering is her husband. Government had no right to interfere with a man’s family except for (1) extreme cruelty* that endangered the life of a wife or child, or (2) children would be educated at public expense if parents failed to educate their children to his station in life.

But if you got a marriage license, daddy government is your covering. Ask your daddy for whatever legal rights they want to grant to you.

Under the U.S. Constitution a marriage is for life. It cannot be divorced. That’s right. There is no such thing as a living ex-wife or ex-husband.

The U.S. Supreme Court determined in Maynard v. Hill 125 U.S. 205, at pages 211 to 215 that marriage is to be upheld because “marriage is a relation for life.” (this refers to real marriage, not the divorceable type of marriage that needs a license).

But you waived your right to marry by getting a marriage license.
If you had managed to keep your rights the answer to your question is found in American law dictionaries :

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Wife’s rights was her Covering

In the Bible divorce only refers to living separately. Also notice that nowhere in the Bible does the word divorce cancel a marriage.

  • The Latin word Capitis is a head covering. Diminutio is a taking away, loss
    or deprivation.
  • A Christian man is the covering for his family. See First Corinthians 11.
  • A right cannot be licensed. A marriage license application is a confession that you have no right to marry.
  • One you confess that you have no right to your family, a civil Roman government is your covering. 

Notice in all cases that a man’s family rights are lost. Only in the more severe cases are other legal rights forfeited.

Originally answered by Steven Miller, March 27, 2019.


According to Black’s Law Dictionary, first edition:

Also related to the topic of cruelty: The husband’s Covering was a wife’s complete protection. Men created a government to help them protect their families. A man is responsible for the crimes committed by his wife. A wife cannot be arrested. A man is to be arrested for the crimes of his wife, so that the wife can stay home and care for the children. Therefore a man has a duty to correct his wife with whatever force is necessary. (By the way, men also have a duty to correct the government he created.)


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