Dear Bernie Sanders,

You were 17 years old when Vermont Congressman George Aiken spoke these words. You should pay attention.

Congressional Record Jan 16 1958, page 650

What is Government’s Responsibility to American Agriculture?
Extension of remarks by Congressman Aiken, Vermont

“There are certain fundamental truths that we should always keep before us. I’d like to list a few of these for you, and I am sorry that time will not permit a complete discussion because each one of these points, if correctly developed, would take all the time that has been allotted me. These are as follows:
(1) You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
(2) You cannot legislate the poor into freedom and wealth by legislating the wealthy out of it.
(3)Governments cannot give to people what they do not first take away from the people. (The power to tax misused is the power of destruction.)
(4) That which one man receives without working for, another man must work for without receiving it.
(5) The Government cannot guarantee you a fair price or income without all-out controls, with their great limitations in opportunity to create the goods that constitute real wealth.
(6) Uncle Sam must finally dish out money on the basis of equal shares– and to a politician this is 1 share, 1 vote.
(7) The Socialists and the Communists, those who would divide the wealth, never get tired. We do.

Congressional Record Jan 16 1958, page 650

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