Capitis Diminutio

Capitis Diminutio is from pagan Roman law.

The same Roman Law (we call it Civil Law) quickly reduces an ungrateful freeman to a condition of servitude. Claiming ignorance does not make it go away.

By asking for government benefits, you voluntarily give up everything when you confess to your new covering. Even your family. If you cannot manage your own affairs, then you cannot manage your children. You cannot be the head (Capitis) of you household.

In prior lessons you learned that paupers, supported at public expense, cannot be citizens in the United States. And you found out that you are an alien. Perhaps you would want to know more. It is because of the legal principle of Capitis diminutio maxima.

The Latin word Capitis is a head covering. Diminutio is a taking away, or loss.
A competent man would never acknowledge that he cannot manage his own affairs.
One you cannot manage your own affairs, a civil Roman government is your covering.
And you lose your rights. It has been this way for thousands of years.