government welfare is an absurdity

There is no provision in the Constitution that allows for individual welfare.

To counter those rumors that the “general welfare” clause in the proposed Constitution would authorize any kind of welfare, James Madison, in Federalist Paper #41, explained its clear intent. He stated that it “is an absurdity” to claim that the General Welfare clause confounds or misleads, because this introductory clause is followed by enumeration of specific particulars that explain and qualify the meaning of phrase “general welfare”.

The U.S. Constitution was ratified under the assurance that it would never be interpreted to provide welfare to individuals.

If James Madison lied in order to get votes to ratify the Constitution, then the Constitution was fraudulently ratified, and the government does not have a right to exist.

In simple terms: the only valid laws are those made in pursuance of the Constitution (Article 6, second paragraph).
If you want to believe that welfare is legit, then find it in the Constitution. There is no government outside of the Constitution.