implied procuration

Once you volunteer to be a ward of the government, you make your wages taxable.

The 1765 Blackstone’s Commentary on the Law was a 4 volume law encyclopedia that was very popular when the 13 American Colonies of England were writing their Constitutions. According to the Supreme Court, it became part of the received-law-of-the-land. As Blackstone so eloquently stated in the introduction to his law textbooks: “a state of dependence will inevitably oblige the inferior to take the will of him, on whom he depends, as the rule of his conduct” — Inferior? How do you like that? In a nation where all men were created equal, you voluntarily become inferior to your guardian.

Others may step in to manage the affairs of those who cannot take care of themselves. Even if you don’t ask them to. “An implied procuration takes place when an individual sees another managing his affairs and does not interfere to prevent it”.  Here is Black’s Law Dictionary definition of express and tacit procuration)

You voluntarily signed up as an “applicant for or recipient of benefits under any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds” (Social Security Act section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)). This application was a confession that you cannot manage your own affairs.

Those who are managed have no say in how they are treated. There is no prescription (cure, remedy) for those who are damaged by their agent. Procurationem adversus nulla est praescriptio. And there are dozens of other legal reasons.
no prescription against procuration

Others are managing your affairs and you have no right to complain. You cannot have standing in any court to complain about the federal martial law you brought upon yourself. You volunteered to have two governments, state and federal.

The Supreme Court (92 U.S. 542 at page 551) said “It is the natural consequence of a citizenship which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection* from both. The citizen cannot complain because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.”

* protection draws subjection, Protectio trahit subjectionem. You were created equal but you didn’t want to be equal.

You forfeit your rights. even the rights to your labor. You are now the legal owner.

Their terminology “legal owner” did not show up in Black’s Law Dictionary until the 1979 edition. Notice that “the title may actually carry no rights to the property.”


Your guardian subrogated your future labor as collateral for the national debt so they could give you what you wanted. You confessed that you could not manage your own affairs. You did not interfere with them managing your affairs. They have a fiduciary duty to maintain the value of the collateral (your future labor).  Can you pay off your fair share of the National Debt?

The rights to your labor are owned by your guardian’s creditors. Your representatives in Congress borrowed money on your behalf, and in your name, to give you what you voted for.
You have no right to complain. You voluntarily submitted.

Arbeit Macht Frei. Work will set you free, but only if you can pay off your debts at prison wages.