no federal law or regulation requires employer to get a SSN to hire an employee

no federal law or regulation requires employer to get a SSN to hire an employee

Do you agree with the 1997 SSA response to a U.S. Attorney in Texas?

“We are not aware of any Federal law or regulation that requires an employer to obtain a Social Security number before hiring an employee or for employment purposes.”
— (dated April 23, 1997 SSA letter in response to an inquiry to a U.S. Attorney  — Here)

A U.S. Attorney is a lawyer who walks into a federal court and represents the United States.
If you know more about the law than the Social Security Administration, then you have a moral duty to tell them.

1986 letter from the SSA Commissioner:

” We do not have the authority to require an employer to provide or deny employment or services to anyone who refuses to disclose his or her number.  This is a matter between the individual and the employer.” — letter from the SSA Commissioner Here.”

1988 letter from SSA Division of Entitlement

“To our knowledge, there is no law which states employment can be denied if the employee does not have a Social Security number.” (dated Sep 23 1988) (Here)

Social Security Administration:

“There is no Social Security law requiring a U.S. citizen to have an SSN to live or work in the United States.” (dated Jul 19, 1993) (Here)


  1. Appellate court finding in the David Alan Carmichael case (Link…). Keep in mind that Federal employee wages have been taxable since the Civil War, long before the Income Tax Amendment.
  2. EEOC determination in the Bruce Hanson vs Information Systems Consulting case. Link…

How about you? Do you have equal protection under the law, equal to theirs?  Are you protected by the restrictions on government that is equal to theirs?