old age assistance law is still prohibited by 1925

Before I prove that old age assistance is still unconstitutional after the Social Security Act, Here is some more background.

In 1922 Busser v. Snyder, 282 Pa. 440, 128 A. 80 (1925) (also 37 ALR 1515) determined that an Old Age Assistance Law is prohibited by the Pennsylvania Constitution. No appropriation shall be made for charitable or benevolent purposes to any person.

• The term “poor,” as used by lawmakers, describes those who are destitute and helpless, unable to support themselves, and without means of support. (Supreme Court in Edwards v. California, 1941)
• It recognized that “state moneys for the care of indigent infirm and mentally defective persons, without means or ability to sustain themselves, is a recognized function of government, but this is very different from appropriating moneys to persons able to help themselves”.
• link: https://casetext.com/case/busser-et-al-v-snyder-et-al