tax payments don’t go to government

tax payments don’t go to government

The IRS is not an agency of the United States.
Prior to 1997 you paid taxes by writing your check to the IRS. After 1997 when the creditors seized the U.S. Treasury, you paid taxes by writing your checks to the U.S. Treasury.

Attached is from an old (prior to 1997) IRS Law Enforcement Manual. (Training manual to train investigators) Here.
It shows the three types of tax check endorsements. Your tax payment ONLY went to pay interest on the national debt, NOT to run the government.

Go find an old, cancelled check you paid to the IRS, prior to 1997.
Pay attention. All forms of endorsements on the back of checks paid to the IRS, DID NOT GO TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT. They went to pay the interest on the national debt.

YOUR tax payments only go to pay interest on the National Debt.

This does not include the “unfunded liabilities” that you also owe.

The total unfunded liabilities borrowed by your representative in Congress, is $ per citizen, shown on Since your representatives represent you, and acted on your behalf to get you what you wanted, under your authority, you are liable for your fair share. Pay up.

“Unfunded liabilities” include money borrowed from SS, Medicare, federal employee pensions, Veterans benefits, Savings Bonds, black lung disease, etc.

This is not the National Debt. This is the amount we “borrowed from ourselves”. We borrow this from our children and grandchildren, forevermore. But they cannot pay, they are already collateral for the debt borrowed from other countries, by treaty.