The prodigal son

The prodigal son had a mentality of entitlement. (Luke 15:11–32) He wasted his entitlement on extravagance until he had nothing left. His citizenship benefits in his adopted country did not help him. He could not repatriate (from Latin pater — father) except as a slave.

God’s laws do not change.

The faithful son is entitled to the father’s estate. Verse 31. Not the entitlement-seeker son.

By begging to repatriate back to your original status — you betray the society that created government.  They cannot honor your request. You cannot repatriate.

In the words of Eisenhower, entitlement seeker must forfeit “his dignity and his equality as a human being.”

Don’t be the prodigal son.

The Expatriation Act says you “promptly and finally disavow any claim of allegiance” to your State government by claiming 14th Amendment benefits (under martial law of the Civil War). You are forever a 14th amendment citizen of the federal government.

The Expatriation Act was passed the day before the 14th Amendment was ratified. Here is the full text:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wealth.