We hold the truth that we are all created equal

We hold the truth that we are all created equal. So don’t bow down to government.
● You would not salute an equal, so why would you raise your hand to a judge, or a notary?
● If we are created equal, why would you sign something under penalty of perjury oath? Christ told us to never swear oaths, Matthew 5:34.
● Oaths are only taken to superiors. Hebrews 6:16.  Don’t swear allegiance to others.
● “Above all things my bretheren, do not swear” James 5:12. The original Christians had priorities. This sounds important. Maybe you should pay attention. James 5:12 continues … least ye be condemned. Does this sound important? Swearing oaths violates God’s First and Second Commandments.

Oaths take different forms.

One only salutes superiors. A salute is the assuming of a body position by the inferior toward the superior. Raise your right hand, kneel, bow, genuflect, curtsy, prostrate, obeisance, kowtow, or stoop. Do homage, deference, lick the boots … etc. Romans 11:10 uses the phrase “bow down their back”

Dwight Eisenhower said “if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.” (More…).

John Dickinson, signer of the U.S. Constitution, also used a similar phrase to explain that you cannot comply your way out of tyranny. “If you quietly bend your Necks to that Yoke, you prove yourselves ready to receive any Bondage to which your Lords and Masters shall please to subject you.”

Even standing when a judge enters a courtroom. Actions speak louder than words.

Even asking for help (supplicate, beseech, adjure) is proof that you cannot manage your own affairs.

Emperor Decius from 249 to 251AD commanded worship from everyone. Those who refused to acknowledge this lordship went to their deaths. Protesters who wanted to live were allowed to burn a little incense.

The Anti-Baptists (todays Amish and Mennonites) refused to register their children with the authorities. They were given a last chance to recant, but they chose to be burned to death knowing that their orphans would be raised by their murderers. They stood. How about you?