All societies throughout history have had a few brave people who died standing against evil.

  • 300 Greeks stood against 100,000 Persian invaders.
  • A thousand refugees were killed by Romans at Masada.
  • Hundreds of Christians refused to bow to Roman Emperors and were fed to the lions.
  • Hundreds of Amish stood against the Catholics who burned them at the stake.
  • British Quakers were torn apart by teams of horses.
  • American Quakers were executed in Massachusetts up to the 1850s.
  • 180+ Americans defended the Alamo against 2,400 Mexicans for about 20 minutes.

But you surrendered immediately without even questioning that you were being tricked out of your God-given rights.

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There has been a long history to suppress a free America

You consented to be governed.

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Stand, because when you stand, others will stand with you.  And God can’t stand with you if you don’t stand.  Once you stand you can expect the hand of providence to be over you. No matter how it ends, it matters how you stand.”
— Levoy Finicum


“But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.”
— Christ, Matthew 24:13 


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