You are under strong delusion.

The lessons presented on this website will expose lies of “the powers that be” — “the system” — the hidden “they” — “the shadow government” — the Cabal — the deep State — the Secret Societies that JFK warned us about — that foment strong delusion from all branches of government that they have infiltrated and control.

Understand the deceptions. (The False Narratives. The Disinformation Propaganda. The Gaslighting. The “new world order” social experiments that test their false narratives so they can improve their control over the sheeple). These have been used by dictators for millennia,  Then Repent — turn around —  Restore traditional Americana. 

Traditional moral values are the key to freedom. This was a foundation of the Declaration of Independence.  The first sentence said the Laws of Nature’s God entitle government to exist — then it said that governments are instituted among men to secure Creator-endowed unalienable rights.  This purpose of government was repeated in law textbooks that existed when the original State Constitutions were written — “neither can any other law possibly exist… for we are all created equal…”  Stand fast in the liberty that was bestowed on America, and be not enslaved again by bondage. — The truth shall set you free — But don’t blame the Globalist agenda,  just don’t cooperate with them.

You are under strong delusion.
  • This website will change your life only if you are willing to lose your delusions and accept the truths that will set you free.
  • Learn how to manage yourself before you learn how to manage your government.
  • I will tell you your transgressions even if you don’t like it.  Actions speak louder than words.  It is your actions that will set you free — or enslave you.
  • This website will not be popular to ignorant readers.  BUT YOU CANNOT JUST IGNORE whatever you don’t like. Ignorance always results in slavery.