New IRS power to destroy you.

A new law was passed that gives more power to the IRS to collect unpaid taxes from American citizens. The new power was deeply hidden in a transportation bill stating that your freedom to travel could be taken from you if the IRS alleges that you owe back taxes.

The New Law

The new law, entitled “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Tax Delinquencies,” states that anyone owing the IRS $50,000 or more can have his or her passport cancelled by sending a message to the State Department. No hearing is required.  The Internal Revenue Service can simply cancel your passport just by falsely alleging that you owe them money. There are no courts, hearings, politicians, lawyers, or judges to stop them. Taxpayers DO NOT have a right to fight the decision in court before the passport is taken. The IRS uses their “guilty until proven innocent” rule.

Not controversial

The Controversy is not about their modus operandi, but their immunity from intentional crimes.
The IRS bullies enjoy destroying innocent people. The IRS has seized bank accounts even though no charges are filed. They don’t need to follow the due process of law because they are not an agency of the United States.  They like to seize bank accounts of small businesses without any warning. Often based on whatever is deemed to be a “suspicious” transaction  — which get more restrictive every year. Even irregular daily bank deposits, or cashing a large check.  And now banks must ask for valid ID if you deposit more than $500 cash into a business account. IRS power is often based on the public’s fear of the IRS. The chances of recovering from an IRS seizure are slim to none — and all done without lawful authority.

It is estimated that there are four to six million American citizens living abroad. Most rely on their passports as identification to get a hotel room, traveling, using their credit card, and other everyday uses.

Travelers who owe the IRS should not plan to live a normal life.  Or even return home. Their bank accounts will be closed, their home auctioned off, and other assets seized.

Those U.S. citizens who live abroad are never safe. There are only two countries on the face of the earth that tax their own citizens who live elsewhere.  The United States is one.  The other is Eritrea — a small mid-eastern military dictatorship. Yet most Americans think they are free. According to Human Rights Watch, the Eritrean human rights record is among the worst in the world.

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