Do you trust your lawyer?

Do you trust your lawyer?
Is he colluding with opposing counsel?
What are your rights?
What I would do.


The American Bar Association (ABA) reports:

  • 60% of the public can’t afford a lawyer.
  • 20% simply don’t want to spend the money.
  • 50% just don’t trust lawyers!

That is why ½ of all court proceedings involve at least one pro-se party.


Once you understand the procedures that run the courts, you can know exactly what your lawyer should be doing. And know enough to push him in the right direction. I recommend a self-help law course for those who do not trust lawyers.

  • If you have a lawyer — understand what he should be doing, so that you can control him, and know when to fire him.
  • If you don’t have a lawyer — understand what YOU should be doing. All the basic courtroom procedures are explained in “How To Win In Court” self-help course. This is a step-by-step guide on how to win in court. It has Pro-Se tactics, and forms for civil cases.

You can understand why lawyers cannot be trusted by reading my essay at Can a lawyer be honest?  My essay will tell you the history, the conspiracy, and you will also learn that:

  • The Supreme Court said that the bar was associated with rude and degrading barbarism.
  • U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger said that 50% of American Trial Lawyers are too incompetent to represent anyone.
  • TIME Magazine April 10, 1978 quotes Chief Justice Warren Burger warning us:

“We may well be on our way to a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts, and brigades of judges in numbers never before contemplated.”

  • The same TIME article also tells us:

Chesterfield Smith, a former president of the American Bar Association, said that he would not trust 20% to 25% of all lawyers”


All the basic courtroom procedures are explained in “How To Win In Court” self-help course.


Steven Miller · Originally posted January 31, 2019
revised 8/24/2019

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