Don’t be fooled by communists posing as tree huggers. Environmentalism is part of the communist agenda, including the World Economic Forum Agendas, to remove our rights.

When the EPA started devastating our commerce in 1971, many people warned us that environmental regulations would destroy America.

Since then, all of our worst environmental problems have been solved, except for a few polluted cleanup sites that have remediation plans funded by a “superfund”.

The Ohio river no longer catches fire.

Los Angeles Stage 2 smog alerts are caused ONLY by the chicken little alarmists who keep lowering the standard for smog concentration. Smog alerts were started in the late 1950s with a threshold limit concentration of 500 PPB (parts per billion) of ozone for a Stage 1 alert, which is now lowered to 200 PPB ozone for a stage 1 alert. There NEVER WAS a Stage 2 alert when the Stage 2 threshold was 1000 PPB, so they lowered the concentration threshold. Even with the lowered standard there has not been a Stage 2 smog alert in LA since 1996, and in 2000 there was not even a single Stage 1 smog alert. So they keep lowering the threshold for what they consider to be a smog alert. Then in January 2010 the EPA proposed “the most expensive regulations ever issued” to lower the mandatory minimum to 60 PPB ozone, expected to cost us $90 Billion dollars to comply, not including fines.

Smog levels are way down compared to what they were even though there are many more automobiles.

Some Drinking water standards are five times more strict.

Chicken-Little politicians no longer mention acid rain.

Instead of declaring victory and closing up shop, the EPA regulators now attack individuals and punish tobacco use and ignore property rights and blame others for the problems they’ve caused.

Example: Childhood asthma has increased dramatically even though pollution concentrations are low and continue to drop. The 167 page EPA report on how pollution effects children, concludes that childhood asthma has more than doubled in the past 25 years, while pollution has significantly dropped. (source: America’s Children and the Environment 2nd Edition, EPA 240-R-03-001). The EPA now blames asthma on pollution from Electric Utilities — even though measured pollution levels are far lower now. But others blame dust with heavy metals from the automotive catalytic converters that the EPA forced on us. Environmentalists do not want to blame the catalytic converters, so they blame ozone for asthma, even though ozone levels nationwide are at the lowest levels in the past 29 years and still dropping according to EPA www.epa.gov/airtrends/ozone.html

They banned DDT, and now the bedbug takeover is unstoppable.

So why can’t the tree huggers leave us alone?

China is starting up a new coal fired power plant every week, but American utilities are denied permits for power plants until they prove that they can meet very strict and costly clean air standards. The European Union’s Emissions Trading system created a “dash for coal” that is encouraging coal fired power plants because they produce a lower carbon footprint than natural gas fired power plants.

As I said in the Energy article: Coal provides 23% of America’s energy, yet a new EPA regulation will prohibit coal fired power plants. But coal is not the problem.

According to a U.S. Senate report, Japan is building a new Nuclear power plant every year, but here in America, utilities can’t get a permit. (even though No one died at Three Mile Island and nobody died from radiation during the Fukushima meltdown).

America has not built a new oil refinery since 1976. It was already under construction when the EPA was created. We once had 324 refineries. Even though gasoline consumption has nearly doubled since then, we now have only 81 old refineries to produce it, and we are continually denied permits to build replacements. Why can’t the tree huggers leave us alone?

The average person cannot afford the average house. “Environmental” planning programs dictate transportation policies and land-use policies that are forcing the middle class out of the cities. Example: a 2009 study by the University of Washington in Seattle shows that regional land use policies (Vision 2040 and Transportation 2040 and the Growth Management Act) severely limit the supply of housing and add $200,000 to the price of the average house. It also forces landlords to raise rents. The average person can no longer afford an average house. Home buyers must now drive a lot further to get to their job in the city. Urban planners focus on dysfunctional public transportation while ignoring road building. Public transportation ridership has dropped in half because the average person has to move up to 50 miles beyond public transport to find a house they can afford.

Orchard growers (tree huggers themselves) are driven out of business by environmental lawsuits if their plow tines don’t meet some subjective opinion. California orchard farmer Angelo Tsakopoulos was fined a half-million dollars because he plowed through grazing land to plant new trees on his own property. The EPA claimed that it had jurisdiction because his plow tines were not “standard farming practice” — even though this is not defined anywhere. Then they claimed that loosening of the soil by the plow “filled in” an alleged wetland (it was grazing land), even though the land was dry and nothing was “filled in”. In a tight farm economy, small farmers just cannot survive these regulations.

John Pozsgai was sentenced to three years in prison for violating the Clean Water Act. His property floods every year because an illegal dump across the street contained abandoned cars and 1,000 tires that blocked an old 1936 drainage ditch. (The drainage ditch was government approved in 1936). So he bought the land across the street and cleaned up the illegally dumped tires. He was ordered to restore the wetland, which required a mitigation permit. While one agency was delaying his permit, another was suing him, and another charged him with criminal wetland violations.

What happens when you build a pond on your own ranch with full approval of the state? Answer: The EPA fines you $75,000 A DAY. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/14/wyoming-welder-faces-fine-for-building-pond-on-his-own-property/

Amish farmers (you cannot get much greener than an Amish farmer) are fined if they build their outhouse within sight of a road.


Family Farms will now be forced out of business. Animal waste now must undergo “all known, available and reasonable treatment” before it is composted. And every farm animal (not just livestock, if they have any, but their dogs and horses) must be implanted with an RFID chip (regardless of the risk), but you cannot get a chip until you pass strict requirements for a premises permit. Or pay heavy fines. Amish farmers will not participate for religious reasons. Are we at the point where America, originally founded for religious liberty, will deny the necessities of life to religious farmers?

Farming without a license is now a criminal enterprise similar to racketeering. Even if it is just for a local farmer’s market or for a private cooperative where customers must go to the farm.

Envirowacko legislation S-510 will now eliminate farming as we know it. It puts American farms under jurisdiction of the WTO to enforce global standards. Genetically modified crops will be mandatory. It will be illegal for a farmer to use his own seeds. His land, crops, equipment and bank account will be seized if there a single honeybee cross-pollinated a plant with a genetically patented strain.

EPA Arsenic standards in drinking water are a political weapon that is destroying Municipal budgets around the country without any valid science behind it.

Did Thomas Jefferson lie to us when he assured us that we would be subject to only three federal laws? The three crimes mentioned in the Constitution. Or is there something else behind this jurisdiction?

Why can’t the tree huggers leave us alone?

Any “wetland” can be regulated. The official regulation, which is not even a law passed by Congress, calls a wetland “Waters of the United States” at Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, section 122.2, but bureaucrats have interpreted it to include:

  • Controlling stormwater runoff, or not controlling stormwater runoff.
  • Using well water, or not using well water.
  • Most regulators consider any puddle that exists for 6 weeks to be a wetland wildlife habitat.

Many stormwater detention ponds, which regulators themselves can determine to be “waters of the United States”, are now wetlands that they claim they can regulate. They can, and have, fined people $30,000 for building a backyard deck that casts a shadow onto a wetland. And they think you have a problem if you don’t understand that their stinky pond scum is more important than your property rights. How dare you question that they, not Congress, say that pond scum is somehow regulated under the “Clean Water Act”. (these are the same communists who don’t want you to flush your toilet because you are using their water.)

Using rainwater can now be regulated. In Washington State, the same thieves who stole the water rights away from Chief Seattle now have made it illegal for you to collect any of your own rainwater. But there is still some hope. The State Department of Ecology is now considering a proposal that would allow collecting of rainwater for gardening in 19 of the state’s 62 watersheds, but not for anything else. (see my article on water rights to see how abstract your water rights really are — this is what happens when you worship government).

Meanwhile in Utah the “Harvesting” of rain is illegal on your own property. But there is still some hope. This could now be legalized for personal collection, with a state permit, in special state-approved containers by a bill before The Utah legislature.

Yet the received-law-of-the-land in America presumes that God granted us humans the duty to dominate the earth, therefore boundary lines extend up to the heavens according to the received law-of-the-land Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad cœlum. Ownership of soil gives exclusive right to everything which is upon, or above it to an indefinite height. (Blackstone’s Commentary on the Law Book2 page 18, and Book 3 page 217).

And now there are setback requirements from these wetland puddles. Even for stormwater ponds they force you to build. They can require you to fence off your “wetland boundary” anywhere from 20 feet to 240 feet away from the puddles and then prohibit you from using this protected land. Courts have ruled that regulations prohibiting you from using up to 95% of your land is not a “taking” of private property that would require compensation under the 5th Amendment.

And wetlands produce massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Algae blooms produce carbon dioxide then use up all the dissolved oxygen which kills aquatic life, then methane from the decay has 21 times the greenhouse effect as does carbon dioxide. See my article on global warming for more information.

How can you claim that there is no planned destruction of America?

We argue about the risks of offshore drilling, while U.S. government geologists report that there is more oil in North Dakota and Montana than in all of the Middle East. Read the USGS report. The politicians use the environmentalists to keep us from drilling for our own oil so that they can play their Mid East geopolitics and whine about peak oil. And the Wildlife Reserve in North Alaska already has drilled wells that we are prohibited from pumping. No wonder gasoline prices are so high.

When the carbon tax hits us, then you will understand that there is indeed a planned destruction of America. When you cannot buy a new car that gets less than 36 mpg, then you will understand that America’s resources are being rationed, Just like in Communist countries, you no longer have a choice.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural product of combustion. We are being forced, by foreigners, to drastically reduce our combustion. The Cap-And-Trade law is an energy tax imposed by international banks. As implemented in the U.S. by Congress in 2009, it requires a 17% reduction in Green House Gasses such as Carbon Dioxide by the year 2020. And 83% reduction by 2050. Meanwhile in Communist China, there is a new coal fired power plant starting up every week.

Again I ask: How can you claim that there is no planned destruction of America?