Kamala Harris secrets they don’t want you to know.

The Democratic political party tries to represent the poor oppressed minority. In November 2020 they ask voters to elect a rich old white guy (with 46 years of perpetually promising to fix problems) and a ruthless law enforcer (who refused to prosecute sex abusers and gang members) from a wealthy slaveholder family.

Kamala Harris was never a descendant of slaves, but her great-grandfather was a slave owner. Here is the proof. And here is an article about her ancestry from Jamaican Global https://archive.fo/907zm

Kamala Harris is so politically ruthless that the Three Trillion dollar Virus bailout contained a $4+ Million donation to her alma mater (CARES Act, page 121).

While she was a prosecutor she refused to prosecute a known MS-13 gang member, illegal immigrant Edwin Ramos. Three months later he murdered three people in 2008.

Here is a history of the Democratic Party: Owned Slaves, Fought to keep them, killed reconstructionists, ran Jim Crowe, belonged to the KKK, stood in the school house door to oppose the 1964 and 67 civil rights bills, drove black fathers from their families with child welfare for single mothers, used the press to divide the US by race, supports the Number 1 killer of Black Lives (Planned Parenthood), Opposed Police, nominates an old white man and a woman who pretended to be black…and who’s ancestors owned slaves in Jamacia to get the Black vote, Overwhelmingly favored by Black People ever since LBJ created welfare chains to keep them on the Democratic plantation.

Here is a video from 1969 (only 6 minutes) that tells us the Democrat’s welfare agenda ever since LBJ’s Great Society. It explains why everything is happening today.

Here is the Democratic Party Platform in 1868, and ever since.

Thomas Nast: “This Is a White Man’s Government”“This Is a White Man’s Government,” political cartoon by Thomas Nast, published in Harper’s Weekly, September 5, 1868. Depicted standing atop a black Civil War veteran with a ballot box are a “Five Points Irishman,” Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Wall Street financier and Democrat August Belmont.Thomas Nast/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC-USZ62-121735)

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