Global Domination Introduction

Global Domination, Part 1

In the lesson on Agriculture, I said “America was founded to provide abundance to the Roman conquerors.”

And in the lesson on JFK conspiracy theory, you learned that JFK warned us secret societies, and about “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”, but you didn’t want to believe it.

And in lesson on the Constitution, we know that the Constitution was constituted by constitutors.

The Roman conquerors have deep-state infiltrators in all levels of all governments.

There are many secret societies to worry about. The Freemasons, Illuminati, Fabian Society, Trialateral Commission, Builderbergers, and even the American Bar Association (daughter of the British Bar Association — civil law IS Roman Law ). The entire banking establishment (your Treasury Department, International Monetary Fund, and the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank) are all decedents of the Knights Templar. And nobody in government will explain why we recognize passports from the Knights of Malta, which is not a government.

And the CIA was founded by Wall Street Lawyers to eliminate information leaks and delay the eventual collapse of our entire monetary system, so that their conspiracy can take over.

Later this year you will see more bank failures, the Federal Reserve will roll-out their Fed Now program, and a Central Bank Digital Currency will appear in a country near you.

Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker

The central banks will monitor your every transaction. You will be ordered to turn in your cash, just like they did with gold in 1933. They will eliminate cash and stop filling ATMs — just like they did in their trial tests in Nigeria.

A cashless society totally controlled by a world government. They can cancel your money at any time. They can tax you at 100% and even bail-in the bank failures.

Yes, the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government agency. Even the federal courts tell us so. See Lewis v. Federal Reserve. Link: