Something is fishy in the U.S. fishing industry

by Steven D. Miller

America’s Pacific Northwest was famous for two industries.  The fishing industry and the Timber industry.  Both industries have been destroyed.

Join me in pondering the government deceptions that enslave us.


Seattle’s fishing industry has been decimated.

As it is with other food producers, U.S. governmental regulations, trade restrictions and taxes are forcing American fishermen out of business and encouraging foreign control of our food supply. Then they regulate foods to force us into political extortion.
Very Fishy laws imposed on America

Of all the food imports into America, we spend more on foreign fish than any other food import category, except fruit. We are paying $Two Billion, with a B, dollars a month to foreigners who fish for us. (Source, see exhibit 7)   We could be paying better than average fishing wages to almost a million Americans.

America is under increasingly stringent foreign control. Communists must control the means of production. Just like it was for those who lived under Joseph Stalin, Communists will soon ration our food.

A federal law prevents our fishermen from appealing federal regulations in federal courts. This law was codified in Title 15 U.S. Code section 522, but the codified version fails to mention any reference to the law’s words “producers of aquatic products”. They don’t want you to find it.

But courts are required to enforce it. Federal Rules of Evidence rule 1101(e) once stipulated how the rules of evidence apply.

(e) Rules applicable in part.—In the following proceedings these
rules apply to the extent that matters of evidence are not provided
for in the statutes which govern procedure therein or in
other rules prescribed by the Supreme Court pursuant to statutory
authority: …;
review of orders of the Secretary of the Interior under section 2 of
the Act entitled ‘‘An Act authorizing associations of producers of
aquatic products’’ approved June 25, 1934 (15 U.S.C. 522)

By the way, 1934 was the year FDR socialists started all those farm subsidies. It was the year after they confiscated our gold coins. It was two years after Congress changed our national anthem to one that does not mention God. Another hint — It was three years after Washington State made the bar association an agency of the State.

That’s right! Fishermen cannot appeal to Federal Courts any administrative order that prohibits their marketing or lobbying attempts to do anything about this foreign takeover. Without this law, the proponent of a rule would have the burden of proof according to Title 5, U.S. Code section 556d.

The new 2016 Rules of Evidence rule 1101(e) now only states:

(e) Other Statutes and Rules. A federal statute or a rule prescribed by the Supreme Court may provide for admitting or excluding evidence independently from these rules.”

They don’t want you to find out.


The Pacific Northwest had two traditional industries. The Salmon fishing and the timber industry have sustained the region for decades.

Environmentalists have now re-categorized fish. Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) is no longer a salmon, it’s now a trout. Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is no longer a trout, it’s now a char. Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is no longer a trout. It is now a salmon.

The environmentalists keep interfering with everything.  Here are some other examples: First they shut down the timber industry around Seattle with their Spotted Owl theory. Then they defined a wetland habitat as any puddle that lasts for 6 weeks. Even if it is a stormwater retention pond that they required. Then they demanded that the federal agencies regulate their beloved wetlands, authorized only by a law that allows federal government to regulate oil pollution on navigable waters. (The official regulation, which is not even a law passed by Congress, calls a wetland “Waters of the United States” at Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, section 122.2).  Now bureaucrats have interpreted their regulation to include: Controlling stormwater runoff, or not controlling stormwater runoff. Using well water, or not using well water. Casting a shadow onto a wetland, or removing a shadow. Etc. Then they petition courts to put a 100 foot buffer area around any pond scum “habitat”. Then courts say that prohibiting someone from entering 95% of their own land does not qualify for just compensation under the Fifth Amendment.

Prior to 1985 there were no Caspian Terns (a bird) nesting near the Columbia River.  Then the federal government built Rice Island in the Columbia River and declared the Caspian Tern to be a federally protected bird.  Now these birds eat 15 million young salmon every year as they migrate toward the Pacific Ocean.  Some salmon are now threatened species. And now Orca whales are starving and the eagle population is down, and fishing season is severely limited. Oh my, what could the problem be? (They blame global climate change.)

And since environmental regulations require most seafood to now be imported, guess what happens when you import Lobster tails, while obeying all known laws. You go to prison . This was also mentioned in John Stossel’s video Everything is Illegal.

If they can regulate hard working fishermen out of business, they can do it to you. Just like they forced family farmers out of business. Just like they forced factories out of the country.  Speak up now while you have a chance. Communism must have government control of the means of production. They already control most of your food supplies and your congress.

Foreign ownership of U.S. farms has skyrocketed in the past two years. Because we are no longer allowed to take care of ourselves, the U.S. has now become the world’s largest debtor. China is our largest creditor, and  China will start rationing our food as I mention in my post on Farmer Bill Gates.

“Like fish taken in a cruel net … So the sons of men are snared in an evil time, When it falls suddenly upon them.” — Ecclesiastes 9:12

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