Will you be deceived into getting the Mark of the Beast?

There are may places in the Bible where you are instructed to discern truth from deception.  Will governments that issue the Mark of the Beast be any different?


Will the Mark of the Beast be something obvious that everyone would know to avoid?  Or, can you take the mark of the beast accidentally?  There are many hints that the endtimes will be confusing.  Revelation 19:20 says the false prophet deceived those that had received the mark of the beast.  When asked about the end time, Christ said “take heed that ye be not deceived.”  Revelation 20:3-4 says that those who receive the mark will be deceived.  Revelation 13:18 says that it takes wisdom to understand the number of the beast.  Second Timothy 3:13 tells us that evil men and imposters will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.  Revelation 13:9 “he who has an ear let him hear” proves that you must be receptive to its message.  Revelation 17:9 says it takes wisdom to understand the beast’s identity.  2nd Thessalonians 2:9-10 speaks of deceivableness and delusion in the end times.  And in Revelation 13:14 the two horned second beast “deceiveth them that dwell on the earth” to cause them to worship the first beast.  Christ warned (in Matthew 24:24) of an endtime false religion that if possible, would deceive the very elect.  And there is a false prophet that issues forth spirits who will influence the kings of the earth.  And men will turn to cleverly devised fables.  YES, YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY TAKE THE MARK.  Falling for deception has grave consequences today, just as it did for Adam and Eve.


Most Americans have been systematically deceived bit by bit, precept upon precept, that they might fall backward and be snared into accepting a counterfeit government.  By accepting small incremental compromises, America was transformed from a Holy nation into a nation that will receive the due penalty for its perversion.  All the circumstances involving the mark are circumstances created in small incremental steps by deceived socialists who received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.  Throughout the history of mankind, an unchanging God has seen fit to arrange for brutal pagans to take into captivity any nation that obeys a counterfeit authority.  God has always used pagan nations to punish his people.  In the Bible, brutal nations enslave those who turn their backs on God.  Brutal pagan conquerors are instruments of His discipline (Isaiah 8:4-10, 10:5-6, 45:1-3, Jeremiah 5:15-18, 20:4-5, 24:10, Ezekiel 21:15-23, 30:24-26, 32:11-15).  IS AMERICA GOING TO BE ANY DIFFERENT, OR DID GOD CHANGE?

Many people cannot believe that God would punish them just for getting a silly number.  They are under a strong delusion.  It is not just a number.

HINT: The word Revelation means revealing.  Revelation 13:17 says that a mark, name or number will be presented as something that authorizes you to buy or sell.  This is the ONLY hint we are given (other than noticing that prophecy has become history), as to why someone would take the mark.  Shouldn’t your banking authorization number be suspicious?

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