Things the government did not tell you about the Social Security System

Things the government forgot to tell you about the Social Security System
By Steven D. Miller

Social Security System

Here are some fundamentals:

  •  Social Security IS NOT insurance (the misnamed FICA leads you astray).
  • Not so secure socialism IS NOT security.
  • Socialists demand resource distribution: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
  • Unfortunately for you, socialism cannot recognize an individual’s God-given rights.
  • You were warned. The Apostile Paul, at Romans 11:9, repeated King David’s warning that government charity would be a snare to trap you. Proverbs 23, don’t be enticed by the food offered by rulers. Genesis 14:23 don’t accept anything, not even a shoelace, from a king. Corban (the Roman system of forced welfare contributions, not the earlier system of voluntary welfare contributions) nullifies the word of God according to Mark 7:13.
  • Your government forgot to tell you the most important facts that you should know about Social Security.
  • There is no law that requires anyone to enroll in the Social Security System. There is no law for anyone to have a Social Security Number to live or work in the United States.  The Social Security Administration insists that the application form to get a Social Security Card is only for those who are applying for federal benefit.  Proof.
  • If you waive your right to earn wages, then your wages can be taxed.
  • SSNs are available only to those who apply for government benefits.  These SSN benefits are available ONLY to those who cannot manage their own lives (such as retirement planning).
  • Once you confess on a permanent federal application that you cannot manage your own life and you request a benefactor/guardian, then the guardian has every right to manage your affairs and snoop into your finances. Maxim of law: an ungrateful freeman is reduced to slavery.  And indeed, their paychecks will not include income tax or FICA taxes.  FICA is a Gift and Estate Tax (IRS tax class 5) NOT income tax (IRS tax class 2). Whereas Citizens are exempt from withholding.


There is no entitlement to benefits. Never has been.

The Supreme Court in Flemming v. Nestor, 363 U.S. 603, found that there is no contractual right to benefits, there is no accrued interest or accrued property right in old-age benefits, and congress can vote any “adjustment to ever-changing conditions which it demands and which Congress … had in mind when it expressly reserved the right to alter, amend or repeal any provision of the Act “.

The Social Security Act itself (Link):

SEC. 1104. The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this Act is hereby reserved to the Congress.

That’s right. It was never intended it to be permanent. It was only a tax. A temporary tax on wages of the wealthy who exercise the federal benefit of “employment” within a federal territory. Keep in mind that people in States are subject to only three federal laws — the three crimes mentioned in the U.S. Constitution — until they consent to be governed by two forms of government — after which the Supreme Court said he “owes allegiance to two sovereignties. . . because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government“.

2. YOU DID NOT “PAY INTO” Social Security system– anymore than you paid into the IRS system.

The U.S. Supreme Court in Helvering v. Davis (1937), ruled that Social Security was not a contributory insurance program, saying on page 635: “The proceeds of both taxes [the employee and employer taxes] are to be paid into the Treasury like other internal revenue taxes generally, and are not earmarked in any way.” Congress can spend your tax money any way they want to.  There is no law requiring a “trust fund” or any law requiring them to invest the money.

Do not be fooled. This applied only to those who got a federal SS card. FICA is enforced only by the Gift and Estate Tax. A right cannot be taxed. Nobody is subject to a law not promulgated to him. Indirect tax is levied without apportionment for the exercise of a revenue taxable activity. Direct Tax applies only to federal persons — (those who exercise a federal Privilege as well as those who voluntarily get an SSN) and federally regulated employers (those who voluntarily get an EIN).


I repeat: There is no promise to pay benefits.

The United States Supreme Court in 1937 confirmed that Social Security is an exercise of the Constitutional taxing power to collect taxes. These are paid into the general fund of the United States Treasury. The Supreme Court also said that “Congress could, in its future discretion, spend that money for whatever Congress then judged to be the general welfare of the country” having “no constitutional power to earmark or segregate certain kinds of tax proceeds for certain purposes, whether the purposes be farm-price supports, foreign aid or social security payments.”

There is no division of funds in the treasury and there has never been from the beginning of Social Security. There is no separate fund created by payments of the Social Security tax.

The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT ABOUT keeping a control of the monetary money supply. By the time FDR was elected, the debt had skyrocketed during peacetime between 1930 to 1934. The Federal Reserve was tightening the money supply as the debt expanded. Something needed to be done to guarantee the payment of the interest on that debt.  Federal citizens were to about to become collateral for the national debt.

Socialism is NOT security.  SS is just like Obamacare which the Supreme Court determined was “valid as a tax” but not for benefits. Once you get a SSN you are liable for “Social Security and other taxes”.  See topic 8, below — and read about your federal citizenship. Welcome to your Novus Ordo Seclorum.

While the system of Federal Social Security was “sold as if it were insurance”– it was not. There is a great deception, a strong delusion, that social security taxes are payments of insurance premiums to obtain specified benefits at a specified time. There is no such right.

“The President wanted everybody covered for every contingency in life—’cradle to the grave,’ he called it—under the social insurance system… But the Government of the United States is not an insurance company and so it could be done.” Forward by Frances Perkins Sec of Labor 1933-45 The Development of the Social Security Act by Edwin E. Witte, page 7.   On page 936 through page 946 of the Ways and Means hearings an originator of Social Security  [Edwin Witte] stated that Social Security was “sold as if it were insurance” and that was a mistake and should not have been published as such. So it wasn’t until 1953 an originator admitted that it is not insurance as published in 1936.

“AS IF IT WERE insurance” IS NOT insurance.

As discussed in topic 4, below, in both Supreme Court Davis cases: The Social Security Tax Act, gives the government no obligation to pay benefits as “an earned right”. This is because the government has “no contractual obligation” to make any return payment, and it has carried the provision from the very beginning that, “The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this act is hereby reserved to the Congress.” Therefore “Congress could continue to collect the so-called social security payroll taxes even though Congress discontinued all social security benefit payments.”

This is exactly what you should expect as the national and world economies continue their descent into a domain of devastating decline, debt and disaster. An essential purpose of the system introduced as social security was to add the labor of Americans to the collateral of the State so the people would become a surety of the already increasing debt that powers your central government. To believe that you have a right to get back specified benefits because you paid into Social Security is a delusion. You were warned in Proverbs 17:18 not to become surety for debt.


and replaced by IOUs (called “unfunded liabilities”) that we cannot afford. These debts amount to $1,085,000 per taxpayer. It is up to all of our children to pay for your benefits when they become due. They will also be paying your national debt. They call it Security because the future labor of your children is the collateral that secures future payments.

Why do you want laws that force others to provide for you? This is theft and extortion. No one has a responsibility to provide for you. You have no right to force your neighbor to pay taxes for your welfare benefits.  In Genesis 3:19 the unchanging God of the Bible requires you to earn your bread from the sweat of your face. This principle was still true when President Lincoln said in his second Inaugural address, March 4, 1865: “It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces…”

In Genesis 3:19 the unchanging God of the Bible requires you to earn your bread from the sweat of your face. This principle was still true when Abraham Lincoln gave his second Inaugural address. That’s right. Forced SS contributions are just as immoral as slavery.

And forced withholding is immoral according to traditional wage laws based on Leviticus 19:13 and Deuteronomy 24:14&15.

Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do evil. Exodus 23


Federal court decisions once ruled that Social Security was unconstitutional. Both as a trust fund and as insurance. When the Supreme Court reversed the lower court rulings on technicalities, it refused to rule on the constitutionality of the Social Security Act (Steward Machine Co. v. Davis 301 US 548, and in Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619) and left the larger decision for a later case. It is valid as an excise tax on government welfare privileges.  They ruled (Helvering at page 645) that “We find it unnecessary to make a choice between the arguments, and so leave the question open.”  They have still not ruled on the larger decision.


It was implemented in the United States when Congress passed The Uruguay Round Agreements Act, Public Law 103-465. (Originally H.R.5110) A global network needs to track the collateral for all national debts.

But numbers for newborns are still not mandatory in the United States. A pamphlet by the Social Security Administration, SSA brochure 05-10023 entitled “Social Security Numbers for Children” on page 4 states: “Getting a Social Security number for your baby is strictly voluntary.”  Their original brochure  had the word voluntary in bold letters.

Getting a SSN for children is strictly voluntary. They even put the word voluntary in bold letters.
Getting a SSN for children is strictly voluntary. They even put the word voluntary in bold letters.

Don’t be fooled. Throughout history parents could sell their children into slavery, as I explain in my book The Citizen Cannot Complain.


The U.S. is one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all who can qualify. Excluded are those who waive their liberties. People who have a SSN have waived their rights.  Even people who claim to be Christians, under God, are without any liberty  — NOT even religious liberty.  If you have a SSN, do not claim to live in a free country.

The Amish will not normally get a Social Security Card because it is proof that you don’t trust God (more). Even the IRS recognizes that the Old Order Amish are exempt from Social Security according to section 1402(g) of the Internal Revenue Code (see the Legislative History of Public Law 99-514 section 4). The few Amish who do leave their communities and end up getting a number, lose their religious liberties according the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Lee (455 U.S. 252). “The state may justify a limitation on religious liberty by showing that it is essential to accomplish an overriding governmental interest” In other words, those who are numbered must be regulated. Socialists cannot recognize an individual’s God-given rights. Not even religious liberty.

God wants you to be a free soul under His authority, not enslaved to any Babylon, Pharaoh or Caesar from whom we were delivered.


Social Security Cards and Numbers must remain strictly voluntary. There can never be a requirement to get one for several reasons:

  • A maxim of their law: Invito beneficium non datur. No one is obliged to accept a benefit against his consent. But if he does not dissent he will be considered as assenting. Vide Assent.
  • A maxim of their law: Omnes licentiam habere his quae pro se indulta sunt, renunciare. All persons shall have liberty to renounce those privileges which have been conferred for their benefit.
  • A forced signature is not a signature. It is a crime to force a signature.
  • Social Security is only available to the truly destitute. Any other interpretation would make it unconstitutional on its face. Anyone, including the government, can break the laws and step in to save someone’s life. In this case the government stepped in to save people’s lives during the Great Depression (created by Banks) and the dust bowl (agriculture overproduction encouraged by banks).
Illud quod alias licitum non est
Illud quod alias licitum non est

Social Security, and any other welfare entitlement, is available only to save the life of the applicant. Cards can only be issued to one who is an “applicant for or recipient of benefits under any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds” according to Title 42 US Code 405(c)(2)(B)(i). In fact, there are only six people who have been ever been told by federal courts to get a number. (More…) They were all receiving welfare. Social Security is constitutional only to save the life of a pauper. When the SS Act was written, welfare was only available to paupers. Busser v. Snyder 37 ALR 1515: “An Old Age Assistance Law is PROHIBITED BY A CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION that no appropriation shall be made for charitable or benevolent purposes to any person.” And: “The term ‘poor,’ as used by lawmakers, describes those who are destitute and helpless, unable to support themselves, and without means of support.” If you were never destitute and helpless, then you never qualified for a Social Security Card. To remain constitutional, welfare (such as Social Security) can only be given to save the life of those who cannot take care of themselves. In the 1941 Supreme Court case Edwards v. California at 314 US 160 at 172, the legal term “indigent person” was given a very limited scope: “…must be taken to include only persons who are presently destitute of property and without resources to obtain the necessities of life, and who have no relatives or friends able and willing to support them.”

In other words Social Security Numbers are only available to save the life of a pauper. Freeloaders cannot qualify. Christians cannot associate with freeloaders according to Second Thessalonians 3:6-14.

If old age assistance is prohibited by a constitutional provision, except to save the life of those “who are presently destitute” how likely is it that ongoing Social Security or Medicare are constitutional?

Furthermore, paupers supported at public expense cannot have any more rights than a fugitive according to Article IV of the Articles of Confederation.

No one can be fraudulently induced to sign an application for a number. Forced signatures are not even signatures; they are a crime that nullifies the contract. The application for a Social Security Card is a full voluntary confession, on a permanent irrevocable federal record, that you cannot manage your own life.

If you cannot manage your own life AND you become a ward of your benefactor, they have a right to the fruits of your labor.


As you shall soon see, getting a Social Security Card changes your citizenship.

Social Security cards are only available to those applying for benefits funded by federal funds (and to aliens after 1972) according to Section 205(c)(2)(B) of the Social Security Act. You agreed, with a perjury oath signature, to be collateral to creditors for the national debt. The Buck Act (4 U.S. Code, sections 104 to 113) extends federal jurisdiction to anyone receiving federal benefits. How can you deny this lordship to foreign benefactors — Kings of the gentiles is what Christ called them — that exercise authority over you?

Under our Constitution, in 1798, Thomas Jefferson reassured the people of Kentucky that state Citizens are subject only to three federal laws. The three mentioned in the Constitution: piracy, treason and counterfeiting. (link) Are you subject to only three federal laws?


The fourteenth amendment allowed the freed slaves a way to survive if they could not take care of themselves. They became wards of the federal government.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the meaning of the first sentence of the 14th Amendment in Elk v. Wilkins in 1884 (112 U.S. 94):”The persons declared to be citizens are `all persons born or naturalized in the united states, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.’ The evident meaning of these last words is, not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance.”

The plural of person is people, not persons. Do you meet the Supreme Court’s criteria for personhood? Complete, direct and immediate allegiance to someone else’s civil servants?

If you have a SSN the answer is YES. Prove it to yourself:

· The 14th Amendment defined a federal citizen as something different than a state citizen. Read Elk v. Wilkins. (112 U.S. 94)

Go to the Code of Federal Regulations 1.1-1 Income Tax on Individuals. “General Rule, Section 1 of the Code imposes an income tax on the income of every individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States” Then read Title 26 Code of Federal Regulations section 1.1-1(c) to see what kind of citizen they are talking about.

Who is a citizen? The IRS uses the same definition of the 14th Amendment.
Who is a citizen? The IRS uses the same definition of the 14th Amendment.

This is the IRS definition of citizen. Notice the phrase — “and subject to its jurisdiction” — from the 14th amendment that the Supreme Court in Elk v. Wilkins said was only for someone ” completely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance.” We know from Elk v. Wilkins (112 U.S. 94) that in 1884 (16 years after the fourteenth amendment) that Native American Mr. Elk was not subject to federal laws because they would not let him pay taxes. Even though he was born in the United States.

Unfortunately, once you get a SSN you change your citizenship to that of the 14th Amendment, and become liable for “Social Security and other taxes” according to The Social Security Act Title VIII section 801. Watch out for these other taxes. This same exact phrase from the Social Security Act is repeated in the Internal Revenue Code Section 3101(a) as the authority to impose a tax on wages. By the way, slaves in the Bible had only a 20% income tax, and were allowed to keep 80% as a living allowance. Genesis 47:26. Unfortunately, YOU (as a ward of the government) waived your right to earn your wages, thereby making your wages taxable. A right cannot be taxed, but a ward’s wages can be taxed at any rate that Congress wants, even100%, by a majority vote because a ward’s allowance is a federal privilege, NOT a right. And your “Social Security and other taxes” are not a direct tax that must be apportioned according to Article 1, section 2.

By the way, no state can impair the obligations of contracts according to the U.S. Constitution Article 1, section 10.

The only people who can declare bankruptcy are those with SSNs. Those who keep a right to contract are responsible for what they bind on earth. Rights only come with responsibilities. “The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freedman to his original slavery”. Others will find out too late that they are responsible for what they bound on earth. They shall have no rest day or night. The smoke of their torment shall rise forever in the presence of the Lamb.


You might not yet understand why I refer to government as your lord.  The apostle Paul tell Christians about the pagans. He says that there are many gods and many lords (First Corinthians 8:5).  If you pray to a superior for benefits then you are praying to your benefactor / lord / master / provider.  According to Christ in Luke 22:25, Christians are not to be like the kings of the pagans who exercise authority over them to provide benefits.

“He who derives a benefit from a thing, ought to feel the disadvantages attending it.”

“The civil laws reduce an ungrateful freedman to his original slavery” Libertinum ingratum leges civiles in pristinam servitutem redigunt.

“No one can unjustly enrich himself at the expense of others” (which creates a constructive contract “as arise when the law prescribes the rights and liabilities of persons…similar to the rights and liabilities in cases of express contract”). You unjustly enriched yourself at the expense of others.

God hated Esau for selling his birthright for a bowl of stew. At least he got what he paid for. You gave away your birthright for what you thought was a promise of a future bowl of stew.

“A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government…” (Kitchens v. Steele 112 F.Supp 383).

Once you avail yourself of the benefits available with a Social Security number, you cannot then question its legality. Supreme Court Ashwander v. TVA, 297 US 288. at page 348, citing 3 other cases: “The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits”

Of whom do the Kings of the earth take tribute? Of their own, or of strangers? (Matthew 17:25) add link

What kind of king has no kingdom “but receive power as kings one hour with the Beast”? Keep in mind that the banking laws 12 USC 95(b) gives the Secretary of the Treasury pre-approved authority to control your buying and selling with “actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken…”.

(This all fits nicely with Revelation 13:10 “if anyone is to go into captivity…”)


For a list of countries visit

There is a similar government published list at

Socialism is not compatible with individual rights. The Bible tells us that Corban (forced welfare payments) nullifies the word of God.


The time will come when the U.S. Treasury cannot borrow, the musical chairs will stop and then the creditors will collect YOUR fair share of the national debt by whatever seizures they can take (your retirement, your house, your bank accounts, your children, and your forced labor). You got what you voted for. Pay up or pay the consequences.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal. Federal Courts know the Federal Reserve is not federal, see Lewis v. Federal Reserve. Link: . The Federal Reserve is owned by the Class A member banks, who are in-turn ultimately owned by 10 European families. The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto requires creation of a national bank. In freedom loving countries, centralized banks were forbidden long before Moses came down from the mountain and saw a golden calf.

Absconding debtors can be imprisoned. Once your assets are seized and you cannot make a debt payment then you become a homeless absconding debtor. The concentration camps are ready. Work will set you free. But only if your labor, at prison wages, can pay off your debt. A copy of the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40 INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS is available at (and notice in paragraph 7-16 that SSNs are required to process people into the concentration camp. And don’t miss the term “reeducation” in Chapter 8 and in Appendix K). Welcome to your Novus Ordo Seclorum Secular New World Order.


to live or work in the United States. Not as a wage authorization number, and not as a banking authorization number, and not as a housing authorization number.

If you want to see PROOFS from government authorities that no law requires anyone to have a SSN to live or work in the United States, click on the links in my essay  How Do I Know if I Waived My Rights?

Only those receiving federal welfare are required to have a number.  Social Security cards are only available to those applying for benefits funded by federal funds (and to aliens after 1972) according to Section 205(c)(2)(B) of the Social Security Act.
The Social Security Administration insists that the application form for a Social Security Card is voluntary in order to apply for a federal benefit.  Proof.  Again, Christians cannot resort to pagan kings who exercise authority to provide benefits. Luke 22:25.

Banks and employers will try to tell you that Section 6109 of the Internal Revenue Code requires you to provide a number. But this section is the codified version of Public Law 87-397 which was passed on October 6, 1961 called “An Act to amend the IR Code of 1954 to permit the Use of Identifying Numbers” — Notice that it permitted the use of numbers, it did not require it. Section 6109(a)(3) requires them to request a number if they are making a return (and a return only includes documents defined in section 669(e) — which is only reports that disclose the tax-liability of a taxpayer). There is no penalty for not getting a number. There is no law that says they can discriminate. If they are paying you taxable income, they can still withhold, but the IRS will not back them up in court.


It has always been so. Under your Constitution a forced signature is not even a signature. Furthermore, Social Security Cards are only issued to those applying for benefits according to SS Act section 205c2B (and to aliens after 1972).

Government was created to protect rights (To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity). One of these rights is the right to refuse benefits.  Another right is the right to be protected from forced signatures.


If you never had a number, you can still buy or sell without a number. If you don’t believe me, here are some facts you can investigate to prove it to yourself:

The wage authorization form W-4 that employers are tricked into demanding, is for a Gift and Estate Tax (tax class 5), not for Income Tax (tax class 2).

The employer’s I-9 form is required by the Migrant Agricultural Workers Protection Act, yet the Homeland Security Employer’s Bulletin No. 102 says that the SSN is not mandatory (except for E-Verify which is a good-faith exception. They never act in good-faith).

Dealing with banks is a problem. Banks vehemently refuse to obey the law.  You cannot buy or sell without a government mark.

● SS numbers on banking authorization form W9, are “required” by the IRS for interest bearing accounts only. For other accounts, the requirement is by banks, not by the IRS. (Hint: They don’t want to lose track of their collateral. The Secretary of the Treasury is one of two U.S. Representatives to INTERPOL. They own you. INTERPOL Constitution Article 30 prohibits members from influencing them.  For more information read my essay Are you an enemy of the State? )
● The Uniform Commercial Code requires banks to honor checks even if the name is similar to the name on the check.  UCC 3-110(a): “The instrument is payable to the person intended by the signer even if that person is identified in the instrument by a name or other identification that is not that of the intended person.” And UCC 3-501 only requires “reasonable identification”.
● Under Internal Revenue Code section 6041, banks are not even required to provide any Taxpayer identification number on the Form 1099 that they file with the IRS, unless interest earned is above $600.
● Banks can not be held legally responsible for failing to obtain a SSN from account holders per Title 31 Code of Federal Regulations section 103.34(a)(1). And pursuant to Title 26 Code of Federal Regulations section 301.6109-1(c) banks are under no legal obligation to obtain a SSN from account holders, they are only required to request a number. And that is only if they are required to report the interest earned.
● Title 42 US Code section 408(a)(8) makes it a felony to coerce anyone to provide a SSN without the authority of law.
● By the way, no one has a right to earn interest. Earning interest is a government granted privilege, not a right. It is still illegal, but became unpunishable after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1913, German Alliance Insurance Co. v. Kansas, 233 U.S. 389,432.

The Privacy Act Statement they give you doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Privacy Act. A legitimate Privacy Act Statement must use the term “mandatory” or the term “voluntary”. Insist that they follow the law. The Legislative History of the Privacy Act, Public Law 93-579, at page 6963, discusses the intent of Congress in imposing this requirement: “Federal requests for personal information shall be accompanied by written or oral notices presented in obvious or highly visible manner, which use the specific terms “mandatory” or “voluntary” in describing the nature of the individual’s desired response…. The Committee believes that an agency should be able to communicate to the individual, without intimidation, whether he is required to comply with a request for information…”

They vehemently refuse to follow the law. The Privacy Act section 7(b) requires “Any Federal, State, or local government agency which requests an individual to disclose his social security account number shall inform that individual whether that disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority such number is solicited and what uses will be made of it.”

Not only will they refuse to tell you if it is mandatory (they will use the word “required”), they will also refuse to tell you what specific law requires it. Tell them you want to look up the law and their vague response “Internal Revenue Code” or “Federal Regulations” is not specific enough for you to look it up. A Federal Court in Doe v. Sharp 491 F.Supp. 346 (1980): “The disclosure requirements of the Privacy Act are not fulfilled if citizens must pry required information from an agency by initiating a civil action and propounding specific interrogatories to determine what use the agency is going to make of their reported social security account numbers; neither does an agency cure an initial failure to disclose by supplying citations to an unrevealing passage from an agency handbook.”

There is no credit reporting law that requires the disclosure of a number. Beware of the language they use. There is a law that USERS of reported credit data (such as banks and debt collectors) must identify themselves, and the credit reporters choose to use a SSN to do so, therefore they can claim that there is a requirement, but it is their own requirement and it doesn’t apply to their request for your data. They will also claim that the Privacy Act Statement is only required for government agencies, and since they are not government, it does not apply to them. Don’t believe it. Government agencies cannot circumvent the law by requiring private businesses to get personal data for them. The Legislative History of the Privacy Act, Public Law 93-579, at page 6981: “Provides that no person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege, or benefit, or make as a condition of employment the securing by any individual of any information which may be obtained through the exercise of any right, …. It reflects the committee’s intention to protect the data subject from coercion by Government agencies OR PRIVATE BUSINESSES and organizations who may condition rights, privileges, benefits or considerations otherwise due to person equally with all other citizens upon the obtaining of a personal file or data.” Get a copy of this and the Privacy Act itself, and insist that they follow the law.

SSA brochure 05-10002 warns that “Giving your number is voluntary even when you are asked for the number” and gives advice on what to ask when requested for a number.


Government was created to protect rights. To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. A right cannot be taxed. Unfortunately for those with a SSN, you became property of foreigners, who now have a right to your wages. Your take home wages are just your living allowance. Slaves under Pharaoh had a 20% income tax. (Genesis 47:24) How about you?

Tacit procuration according to Black’s Law Dictionary “takes place when an individual sees another managing his affairs and does not interfere to prevent it.” There is no prescription from procuration.

“For what compact can be made with a man that is not master of his own life?” as John Locke said in his 1690 Second Treatise of Government.

It is a fact of life that benefactors who pay the bills, make the rules. As William Blackstone so eloquently stated in the introduction to his Commentaries on the Law, benefits “oblige the inferior to take the will of him on who he depends…”. And, of course, subordinating yourself — subjecting yourself — to benefactors denies the lordship of Christ. And denies the free-will given to all mankind by the author of the universe. This lordship to the Kings of the Gentiles, as Christ called them, is enforced in federal courts.

The Buck Act (4 USC sections 104 to 113) extends federal jurisdiction to anyone receiving a federal benefit. The courts have ruled that the Buck Act defines “an individual entity” as franchised persons of government. Springfield v. Kenny, 104 N.E.2d 65 and Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox 298 U.S. 193. Social Security and welfare are available only to federal citizens. Social Security benefits are not available to state citizens. A state Citizen cannot obtain a Social Security Number without first obtaining a dual citizenship acknowledged by your federal government. By getting a number, you change your citizenship. By registering for the benefits available only to enfranchised persons, you become an enfranchised person. Only those persons receiving government benefits are required to have a social security number. No one else has ever been required to get a SSN.

The Supreme Court in the Cruikshank case, 92 U.S. 551, said: “It is the natural consequence of a citizenship which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection from both. The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.”

As was stated in Wickard v Filburn 317 US 111 “It is hardly lack of due process for the Government to regulate that which it subsidizes.”

Social Security cards are only available to those receiving benefits funded by federal funds (and to aliens after 1972) according to Section 205(c)(2)(B) of the Social Security Act. You agreed, with a perjury oath signature, to be collateral to foreign banks for the national debt. How can you deny this lordship to foreign benefactors (Kings of the gentiles) that exercise authority over you?

But it gets worse.

Socialists cannot be citizens of the United States. In the 1891 naturalization case of Mr. Sauer, Title 81 Federal Reporter page 358 the court held that Mr. Sauer, although an industrious, law abiding man, could not become a citizen because he claimed to be a Socialist. SOCIALISTS CAN NOT BECOME CITIZENS. For more information see my Welfare article.


They are foreign, but regulated by tax laws within the U.S.


A U.S. Attorney cannot go into federal court and say that the IRS is an agency of the United States Government ( response #4)

They were NOT created by any law. (Proof — the commissioner story is easily debunked).

Prior to 1997 they collected ONLY interest on the national debt, according to the bank endorsements they could put on checks received from taxpayers. The IRS never received money to run the U.S. government; they only collected money to pay the national debt (to foreigners). Apparently the word Internal means internal to the foreign receivership who owns you.

They will rely upon your signature under penalty of perjury to prove in court that you knew what you were doing. Kings of the earth take tribute from strangers, Matthew 17:25.

Aliens pay income tax and are subject to withholding until they become citizens. (More and more) Citizens are normally not liable to income tax unless they are engaged in specific revenue taxable activities or leave the country.

Communists are excluded from Social Security FICA tax or withholding.  More…

Title 31 Code of Federal Regulations chapter 3 lists the departments within the Treasury, but the IRS is not on the list. The IRS is so conspicuously absent, that they don’t even publish this part of the regulation anymore.

The Department of Justice prosecutes tax cases. The courts do not acknowledge the IRS as a proper party to a court action. The IRS cannot even prove that they exist.

Long before the so-called income tax amendment ever existed, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue was taxing government employee wages during the Civil War.

Foreign Government benefactors? Christ himself gave a similar warning about foreign government benefactors in Luke 22:25-26 “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ But not so among you; on the contrary….”

The IRS has a difficult time trying to prove that they exist as a government agency. Their official story is that the act of March 3, 1863 somehow proves that Congress thought that they had created the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The official published story is that that “By common parlance and understanding of the time, an office of the importance of the Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue was a bureau”. Note that the law that created this office made the Commissioner of Internal Revenue exempt from paying postage on the mail it sends. Yet the IRS pays postage.

Although there was a Bureau of Internal Revenue that was created in 1863 (only as a two man office) — it no longer exists. The BIR was also collecting the Voluntary Victory Tax during WW2, but kept sending out 1040 forms after the war.

The IRS was created from the Puerto Rico Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Commissioner had nothing to do with the creation of the IRS. The IRS was created by the Secretary of the Treasury on July 7, 1953 from the Bureau of Internal Revenue of Puerto Rico, which was enforcing the Alcohol tax (after it was moved offshore by the Carlisle Act because the Supreme Court shut it down on Aug 29, 1935)


And the IRS is not an agency of the United States. All the SS forms, such as the application for a Social Security Card, are IRS forms.

You now have enough information to do your own investigation and start down the long and painful road to the truth.


The system of justice is not compatible with the system of welfare.  ONLY people with SSNs can declare bankruptcy.

Under the U.S. Constitution, bankruptcy applies only to governments, NOT to people. Proof:

The Right of Personal Liberty, and the Writ of Habeas Corpus, Second Edition, by Rollin C. Hurd, publisher W. C. Little & Co., Albany, N.Y., 1876

The ONLY people who can qualify for bankruptcy are those who have a SSN .  They are government wards.  (or perhaps government property).  People who do not have SSNs CANNOT qualify for bankruptcy.  Responsible “freeman” must remain responsible.  They are grateful for their liberties.

Justice is defined by a legal maxim:

Justice is the constant and perpetual disposition to render to every man his due.

As you can see, those people who can qualify for bankruptcy ARE PROTECTED FROM JUSTICE.

Do not complain that you cannot qualify for justice.  The U.S. is one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all who qualify.


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My book The Citizen Cannot Complain The roots of the Social Security Myth by John Attarian SOCIAL SECURITY IS NOT A CONTRACT, INSURANCE, OR A RIGHT

The book “Social Security: Lies, Myths and Reality: The Truth About Social Security, the Trust Funds and the National Debt”, by James Turk.

3 thoughts on “Things the government did not tell you about the Social Security System”

    • The Social Security Administration will never remove your file as if you never existed. There are two exceptions, discussed later.

      It is up to you to enforce your rights in court. You will need to build up enough evidence that you’ve never accepted (“received” is the technical term, but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t have one, just like the term “received” in the crime “received stolen property” doesn’t mean that you don’t have the item. It means that you intended to use it as your own.)

      Just like the vast majority of people, I was fraudulently induced to get a Social Security Card that I never qualified for.

      37 Am Jur 2d, Section 8
      “Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts. Indeed, the principle is often stated, in broad and sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters, and that it vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.”

      According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Brady v. United States, 397 U.S. 742:
      “Waivers of Constitutional rights not only must be voluntary, but must be knowing, intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences”

      There are many rescission packages available. Rescission packages involve sending notarized affidavits by certified letters to many different government agencies. As for me, I never used a rescission package.

      When I found out that I never qualified for a Social Security Number I did what I thought was the honorable thing, I sent it in and never used the number again.

      It took several attempts. I sent it in to my local SSA. They sent it right back and told me to file an amended application. I sent that in with added careful wording to avoid entanglement with their system. They sent it back with a list of acceptable forms of identification, all of which would require a SSN to get. But I was not about to falsely confess to using their number for any government benefit.
      The SS card is government property so I knew that I had to return it — so that I would not be held responsible in federal courts as a custodial agent of government property. I sent it in to the Social Security Inspector General along with an affidavit as a Criminal Complaint. I never heard from them again.

      I’ve allowed other credentials to expire. Some people use the doctrine of civil death in the courts. But I never found enough information on this topic, so I avoided using the doctrine.

      As for me, I never applied for one cent from any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds. Not even unemployment benefits. (The Social Security Act, Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II), requires applicants for Social Security Cards to be an “applicant for or recipient of benefits under any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds”).

      I returned my card by certified mail to the SS Inspector General. And I have not used a number in twenty years, not even tax returns. Or W-4 or I-9 forms. Or bank applications. Or license applications.

      There are two exceptions to officially getting rid of your number from their system. Both involve getting kicked out.
      1. If you are under 18 years old, you will have 20 days after your 18th birthday to rescind all prior contracts without giving a cause. After that a rescission requires reasons that can be challenged. See your State’s emancipation laws for details.
      2. If you join a religious order and swear an oath of poverty. After that you must never confess that you have a SSN “issued for benefit purposes”.


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