Welfare is only for the truly destitute

Social Security is welfare. It is in Title 42 of the U.S. Code, along with all the other welfare laws.

Welfare is only for the truly destitute. For more information see my lessons

By the way, Christ said that Corban (the Roman system of forced contributions) nullifies the word of God.

Welfare is enforced by martial law rule. 14th Amendment citizens are those who volunteered into martial law. 14th Amendment citizens are wards of the federal government.

See my lessons on martial law rule.

Socialists cannot be citizens of the United States. In the 1891 naturalization case of Mr. Sauer, Title 81 Federal Reporter page 358 the court held that Mr. Sauer, although an industrious, law abiding man, could not become a citizen because he claimed to be a Socialist. SOCIALISTS CAN NOT BECOME CITIZENS. For more information see my Welfare lesson.

You are a socialist, you cannot become a citizen. You are an alien. See lessons

Social Security Numbers are only for Socialists. You confessed on a permanent, irrevocable government record when you applied. Prove it to yourself. See section 205c2Bi of the Social Security Act.